“The ruling party is attempting to deceive Nigerians by claiming that the mere inclusion of direct primaries in the electoral act amendment bill is the reason why the President refuses to sign or does not want to sign.”

Wike asserted, “The major issue is the transmission, the electronic transmission of results.”

The governor went on to say that because clauses in a bill can be further amended, there’s no reason why the President couldn’t have signed it and called for sections to be revisited.

“The problem is that Mr. President signed the Petroleum Industry Bill and then had it returned to him for amendment.

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“If Mr President truly cares about this country and has promised Nigerians that he will conduct free and fair elections, then nothing prevents Mr President from emphasizing this amendment and then seeking an amendment regarding the direct/indirect mode of conducting political party primaries,” Wike explained.

“So if anyone tells you that abinitio, the APC wanted to support the electronic transmission of election results in 2023, that person must be a joker because I do know that the reason the President did not sign in 2018/2019 was because of the card-reader,” he added. Mr. President, you have been warned that signing that will result in your election failure.”

The NASS lacks the confidence to overthrow Buhari.
Further on the issue, the Rivers State Governor stated that under the constitution, the National Assembly has the power to override President Buhari’s veto by two-thirds of the two chambers.

He was disappointed, however, that “the leadership of the National Assembly as we have it today cannot put on the agenda of the two chambers that they will override, veto Mr President’s decline.”

The governor claims that the 9th Assembly lacks members capable of looking the President in the eye and telling him the truth when he makes a bad decision.

Wike came to the conclusion that Nigerians have no choice but to come out and say “enough is enough” based on this premise. He also stated that the ruling party cannot continue to deceive Nigerians.

He declared that the views he was expressing were not those of a political party, but rather those of Nigerians and what was in their best interests.

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“We’re talking about what will earn Nigeria respect in the United Nations Committee of Nations as a country that believes in true, transparent democratic processes to elect its leaders.”

Governor Wike concluded his remarks on the matter by saying that by refusing to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, President Buhari has cast doubt on his promise to ensure a free and fair election in 2023.

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