Sunny Onuesoke, Chief Chief Sunny Onuesoke, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain and former Delta State governorship aspirant, has reiterated that Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi’s recent outburst against former President Goodluck Jonathan is an attempt to deflect attention away from his ministry’s, principal’s, and party’s failures.

On Channels Television’s ‘Hard Copy,’ Amaechi claimed that the money left behind for Nigeria by former President Goodluck Jonathan at the time of his departure on May 29, 2015 was insufficient to run the country for three weeks. He stated that bandits and all other killers are a result of poverty, which did not begin with the current administration.

Onuesoke, reacting to Amaechi’s allegation at Asaba International Airport in Asaba, Delta State, said the Transport Minister’s allegation against Goodluck Jonathan has no iota of truth and is merely an attempt to divert Nigerian attention away from the administration’s failure.
Onuesoke, who described Amaechi’s allegations as an attempt to smear Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP administration, questioned how the money left behind by the former President could not sustain Nigerians for three weeks, as well as where they see money to sustain the economy for the past years.

He said it is embarrassing that a government that has been in power for two terms continues to blame a government that has only been in power for one term, and he asked when the current government will stop playing the blame game and focus on keeping the promises it made to Nigerians.

“How can a two-term President continue to blame a single-term President?” It makes me think they know they’ve failed, which is why they’re blaming Jonathan. They keep blaming Jonathan because their failures are right in front of their eyes,” he explained.

The PDP Chieftain argued that Nigeria’s economy was better under the PDP, while the APC’s economy is in deficit.

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“Under the PDP, you had a government that listened, had rule of law, and you could protest without fear,” he says. The cost of living was significantly lower, unemployment was significantly lower, insecurity was contained to a specific area, and electricity supply and charges were significantly lower. However, you are dying today and are unable to cry. If you dare to cry, you will be imprisoned. A 20-naira egg now costs 70-80 naira. 20 naira indomie now sells for 80-99 naira. 5 naira pure water now costs 20-30 naira. Electricity bills that used to be 1,500 Naira have now risen to 40,000 Naira with no light.”

In terms of bandit and insurgent attacks, the former Delta State governorship candidate recalled that Boko Haram activities were curtained in far into Borno state’s forest during Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, and that the ex-president almost silenced them before the arrival of this administration.

“However, we now have not only Boko Haram insurgents, but also ISWAP and bandits killing and abducting innocent Nigerians throughout the northern part of the country,” he said.

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