Philip Shaibu, the new face of Nigeria Politics: Wike an unfortunate Governor with a Double standard.

Posted by Naomi Churchill

After the order of Ecclesiastes 3, King Solomon, the son of King David, took a perfunctory look at the exertions of man on earth, said: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to fall, and a time rise.

And so, it was for Comrade Philip Shaibu who came into this world to fulfilled God’s promises through a prophetic message from an unknown Angel early in his life, it was not all rosy growing up as a freedom fighter, but by hard work and determination, he made his tables with kings and the mighty.

Wike should go and bury his head in shame and be grateful to a man who picked him from the gutters and gave him shelter. We are very much aware of his political gimmicks, may God bless Amaechi for given wike a life at least.

Wike should be told that Shaibu is go-getter, high-spirited who has earned himself the sobriquet, “the youth leader” and appellation of “the loyal Deputy Governor”.

Shaibu is the most reported and cherished Deputy Governor in Nigeria. A former minister of External Affairs and member, Board of Trustees (BoT) of PDP, alluded to it in his acclamation during PDP stakeholders Meeting, when he said: “Shaibu is a loyal son whose loyalty has never been in doubt, he will become a political giant who will traversed the political hemisphere

Wike should be told that, Shaibu can not be persuaded to join any issues with Amaechi errand boy for any ambition nor any point to prove in politics to him, Shaibu has made a name for himself before Nyson wike became Amaechi errand boy.

Shaibu will however, continue to avail Nigerians the truth and the way to go, give suggestions and offer advice, a statesman.
Why is Wike being over zealous? I can really see that he is now afraid of the new things Professor Godwin Obaseki, the EMATON I..

Wike should be grateful for having active political loyalist like Shaibu in PDP who has helped the party in no small way to maintain and hold on to power in Edo State. The most reported Deputy Governor who is loved across party line.

Wike must be the joker of the year to have the impetus to asked who the father of Edo Deputy Governor is? Does Wike really has a father himself, or has he forgotten so soon that he is a prodigal son to Amaechi?

Wike should be told that Shaibu is feared and respected in equal proportion. His background as unionist and freedom fighter gave him the air as a hard man to deal with, who could break the bones of a foe, even though he appeared innocent.

Shaibu is a patriotic Nigerian who is etching his name in the annals of Nigeria’s democratic advancement by working courageously for the emergence and consolidation of PDP lost glory in Edo State.

For this course of Making Edo Great Again, Shaibu good works as a dedicated family man, selfless politician with ability to consistently, at every turn, resolve knotty political puzzles that has earned him the sobriquet – “The Loyal Servant” which would continue to live even after him”.


The River State Governor Wike is Nigeria’s most dangerous politician with double standard, who is contributing to the most ills plaguing the PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PDP . Wike has no conscience, and when someone has no conscience, he is not guided by any principle and has oversteps his bound.

Should Gov. Wike continue with the alarming drift and deteriorating relations within the party organs under the watch of Sen. Ayu, 2023 will be a reincarnation of 2015

Gov. Wike is stretching the fault lines and differences of the People’s Democratic Party PDP to the limit that proved he clearly lacks the capacity to be leader in the party and a presidential candidate. It is regrettable at this point that Wike is planning to tied the party leaders hands behind their backs to have his way to monopolized the party.

“Time has come to put Wike to where he belongs, his double standard should be significantly condemned as we reaffirmed our conviction that an urgent devolution and integration is carried out within the party now or never in a way that will brings together the various groups as it has become imperative and timely now.

Wike and his co-travellers cannot deliver democracy to Nigeria as they envisioned, his ambition to become the vice president is as worthless as Zimbabwe dollar.

Enough of Wike ranting, we will match him with equal measure.

Edo must be Great Again!

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