IWD: Women N Media berate gender inequality, lay emphasis on building the 21st century woman for all- inclusive development

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In commemoration of the 2024 International Women’s Day, stakeholders have called for an all-round development for Nigerian women.

The stakeholders made this known on Friday during an IWD conference organised by Women N Media at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ikeja. The conference was held in commemoration of the IWD which is annually celebrated on March 8 to celebrate women all over the world.

The event put together by the Association of Women N Media is Themed ‘Building a 21st Century Woman in Every Ramification of Life’, the conference featured stakeholders from different spheres of life who spoke about the all-round development of women.

The President and founder of the Reading Awareness Society for Development in Africa, Mrs Bukola Ladoja, in her speech, advocated reading culture for women.

Ladoja, the wife of a former Oyo State Governor, Rasheed Ladoja, also stated that women would solve Nigeria’s problems.

She said, “Nigeria is one of the worst nations in the world that underrate women. You look for jobs with the best CVs and they still want to sleep with you. Nigerian men see women as those under them. If you hear of any woman in Nigeria, she has a lot of stories to tell.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council-Africa, Rosaline Amangbo, spoke on the work-life balance for the Nigerian woman.Represented by Adenike Dada, Amangbo also noted that women were leaders in various fields and should be self-dependent.

She said:

“Today, women are leading in every field and society, whether it be sports, commerce and industry, education, health, politics, technology, navy, army, agriculture,” Amangbo said.

“We are now a developing country in which a woman is self-dependent, a good manager and is making a balance between her family responsibilities and the outside world and has become an earning member of the family and a responsible citizen of the society.”

The National President of Women N Media, Lilian Odumosu, who is also the convener of the event, acknowledged the rise in activities to commemorate the IWD worldwide. In her opening speech, she said:

“When we talk about the progress of women, besides movements and a significant rise in International Women’s Day activities in every corner of the world, many more female-focused days and initiatives around the globe are constantly working to liberalise women.We are moving towards an exhilarating time in history where the world accepts gender balance. Now, the world notices their absence and celebrates their presence.

“The modern women are no longer dependent on men. She is independent and self-confident in every aspect and is capable of doing everything equal to men. Also, we should respect each of them not because of gender, but for their own identity. It is a great responsibility to empower women also it is necessary for gender equality. Moreover, society is better when women are given equal respect and are not taken for granted. In the past, women were restricted in homes and were not permissible to step out of the house for work.

“Their household responsibilities are their only area of work, but with time, society has seen many changes. Furthermore, this generation trust and values women with great responsibility.

“Now, women are given equal opportunity at work and are allowed to stand among and at times ahead of men in many fields. Women today have begun realizing their strengths and abilities are ready to step out of their homes, contributing to the success of their home and the entire society.

“Furthermore women’s day clutches a great significance and it becoming a custom year after year. Moreover this celebration is a sign of appreciation, respect, love and care towards women in our lives and in society.

“Dear woman, be strong, be kind, be free, celebrate your every success and learn from your failure. Believe in yourself and believe in your journey, be good to yourself, embrace your imperfections and be unapologetically you.

Never compete with anyone, never try to be better than anyone, simply try to be better than the person you were yesterday, she added.”

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Other speakers at the event include educational psychologist, McIntosh Chimeziri; Head of Integrated Communications at Nigerian Breweries, Ayodele Alabi; Convener of Set Free Crusade Network Ministry, Pastor Dolly Igbinosa; President of Women in Maritime of West and Central Africa, Nigerian chapter, Tosan Emore; anti-drug advocate, Sunny Irakpo.

Highlights at the conference include cutting of cake, hair analysis by Nature’s Gentle Touch, and other fun activities.

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