Ijeododo community protest land grabber invasion, urge federal gov’t intervention

…The Ijeododo community laments as land grabbers disguise FHA to demolish landed properties worth billions of naira.

By Onome Naomi 

The Ijeododo community laments over some unknown developer under the guise of the Federal Housing Authority named “New Festac Development Property” to demolish and seize individual lands and properties worth billions of naira. 

Subsequently, reports have it that the Ndigbo Buru’Otu Association of Nigeria, an Igbo association that acquired vast land for its members to build on about 5 years ago, had a rude awakening on the morning of Thursday, March 24, 2024, that a demolition is being orchestrated by FHA on some already-erected structures on their lands.


Further investigation into the matter led the group to approach the baale of Ijeododo, High Chief Abu Jelili Ayinde Ododo, who denied knowing the reason for FHA’s demolition plan. Initially, the land was sold to the Igbo association by the baale and cleared of all hindrances that could arise in the future, such as demolition or grabbing, with receipts and necessary documentation to back up the land purchase legitimately.

The Federal Housing Authority, in response to the demolition orchestrated in Ijeododo, declined responsibility for the said act, which led the affected persons to implore an inquest into the matter at hand. Information from findings by the association shows that FHA had no hand in the demolition but an external development company called “New Festac Development Property” known as ruthless land grabbers who go about with firearms and ammunition with the aim to maim any unwilling individual not ready to part with land or property of interest.

Speaking with High Chief Abu Jelili, the baale of Ijeododo, on the arising issues with demolition in his jurisdiction of reign, he said he is amazed at the demolition allegedly carried out by FHA, for such incidents have never happened in the history of the Ijeododo community. He revealed that steps taken to further make findings on why demolition was carried out in Ijeododo show that FHA was not involved but a developing company known as New Festac Development Property. Petitions against the marauders at Zone 2 is still an open case as the perpetrators didn’t show up; they have remained faceless but will only reappear on people’s lands with guns and weapons to terrorise land owners at very vulnerable times, he added.


Ododo Musa, the secretary of the Ododo family, made statements in accordance with Baales’ summation. He also revealed that the land grabbers perpetrate their acts with the use of force carried out by the Nigerian Police Task Force to shoot and harass people. Seeks government’s intervention before the issue escalates.

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Members of the Ndigbo Buru’Otu Association of Nigeria, with representatives Ugochukwu Ifomadu and Hon. Chief Mrs. Rufina Emedurunwa, expressed disappointment and loss at the amount spent so far in sand filling and erection of structures on the affected lands worth hundreds of millions that has gone to waste except a solution is proffered. Hon. Rufina lamented over the health-related crisis suffered by hard-working earners who have committed all available resources to provide a roof over their heads, urged the federal government’s intervention.

More photos from the protest:


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