Mr Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, has stated that religion and ethnicity are the leading causes of inefficiency and failure in Nigeria.

Those who base leadership positions on ethnicity and religion, rather than competence and capacity, promote inefficiency and failure in the country, according to Obi, who talked to journalists in his home town of Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Obi said after meeting with envoys from the British High Commission, led by Aneesah Islam, Head of the Political Desk.

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“Continued recruitment of persons for leadership positions on any criteria other than competency will only generate a crop of inept leaders incapable of growing the country,” he added.

“I believe that some political jobs should be zoned to maintain fairness and equity, because each zone contains competent people who can help the country progress.”

Nigeria, he claimed, has continued to deteriorate as a result of the country’s leadership failure.

“Under this regime, insecurity and criminality have increased. Nigeria is more divided today than at any time in its history. Meritocracy has been replaced by mediocrity. With growing inflation and poverty rates, the standard of living is deteriorating by the day.

“All of this is happening because we have leaders who rose to prominence based on ethnic and religious feelings rather than ability and track records.”

Obi also denounced what he called Nigeria’s ‘transactional politics,’ which he said is more visible during elections.

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He stated that if true democracy is to be established in the country, the unsavory culture of vote buying and other political vices must be eradicated in future elections.

Finally, he urged people to look for leaders with a demonstrated track record of achievement in both private and public life, as well as an understanding of what it takes to grow a country.

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