Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nyesom Wike, has clarified the reason behind his asking permanent secretaries to bow before President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, debunking reports that he forced them to do so.
Speaking at the commissioning of the seventh FCT project, Wike explained that the gesture was a show of appreciation for the President’s support in their career progression.
Wike said: “Two days ago, when the President came, we tried to thank him for what he did in making sure that those who had already lost hope in their career progression got to the peak of their career. Before now, FCTA did not have permanent secretaries. But with Mr. President’s way of Renewed Hope, he said they must get to the peak of their career by getting to the position of permanent secretary and Head of the Civil Service, if possible. Mr. President granted that, and then I called out the permanent secretaries, who are the beneficiaries, to come out and take a bow and thank Mr. President.”
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Wike expressed surprise at the criticism, saying: “It is an honour to be called out to take a bow, but some human beings can never see anything good. Instead, they are criticising, saying, ‘How will you call people who are Permanent Secretaries and ask them to take a bow?’”
To drive home his point, Wike called out the six area council chairmen, whom he described as change agents of the Renewed Hope Agenda, to also take a bow before the President.
He said: “These chairmen are the foot soldiers of the Renewed Hope Agenda, and they have done wonderfully well in their respective areas. I also asked them to take a bow to show appreciation for the President’s support.”
Wike’s clarification comes amid criticisms that the gesture was degrading and humiliating for the permanent secretaries. However,

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