Two Years After, Woman Robbed By Police Sergeant  Yet To Retrieve Cell Phone.

By Akuekwe Joy

@Vonnews Reports that a travel agency operator, Mrs. Adeniyi Aderonke whose cellphone was snatched by a gun trotting policeman in 2020 at her Ikotun, Lagos office has yet to recover her gadget despite having petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police about the robbery.

     The alleged incident took place on a fateful day in the month of Sept, when a certain police officer, Sgt. Idris Samson, stormed her office situated at the top floor of a two storey building,  claiming that Aderonke had taken photographs of him and the LASTMA officials he was attached to whilst they impounded a vehicle.

       Aderonke stressed that immediately Samson entered, demanded her phone, and pointed his AK-47 riffle at her when she proved adamant, action she said forced her to release  her phone.

”     Samson who quickly rushed out and descended the stairs, moved straight into their vehicle.

” Appeals for him to return my phone fell on deaf ears. He only told me to come for my phone at their office as they zoomed off”, Aderonke noted.

    Aderonke and her husband went to the LASTMA office where she quickly recognised the sergeant because his name was conspicuous, and that they  were asked to go beg a LASTMA officer for the release of the phone, advice which her husband frowned at, leading to his petitioning the AIG, Zone 2, Onikan, as the Divisional Police Officer of Ikotun Division had advised when they went there earlier.

      As the phone remains in the custody of Samson, as the authorities have not taken any drastic action, Aderonke is appealing to well meaning Nigerians to intervene for the sake of justice, particularly as the absence of the phone containing meaningful contacts has warranted business setback and loss.

Mrs. Aderonke also called for SOS as she can not tell the reason Samson Idris had withhold  her phone, as well as every of her information is embedded there in. Moreso her safety and  that of her family is at stake and as such she calls on the Inspector general to look into this case and help move into action.

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