President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday signed into law a bill passed yesterday by the Senate to return ‘Nigeria, we hail thee’ as the country’s national anthem.
The president signed the bill when he attended a joint sitting of the National Assembly to mark the Silver Jubilee Of Nigeria’s 4th Republic.The date also marks his one year anniversary in office as president.
This historic decision marks a significant shift away from the currently recognized anthem, “Arise O Compatriots.”
The bill’s swift passage through both the Senate and House of Representatives underscores the bipartisan support for this change, although many Nigerians have wondered at the rush to ensure this sees the light of day.
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Senate President Godswill Akpabio announced the signing of the bill into law during a joint session of the National Assembly, held to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Nigeria’s 4th Republic and coinciding with the first anniversary of President Tinubu’s administration.
Akpabio confirmed that the occasion was primarily to launch the new national anthem, with President Tinubu later joining the session to affirm “Nigeria, We Hail Thee” as the country’s latest national anthem.
This development raises questions about the motivations behind the change and its potential impact on national identity and unity. As Nigeria navigates its 4th Republic, this shift in national anthem may signal a reevaluation of the country’s values and history.
The implications of this change will be closely watched by Nigerians and international observers alike.

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