On Wednesday, Progressives Solidarity for Tinubu, a support group for former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu, said that other presidential aspirants would later back Tinubu.

Tinubu is the only candidate with “a penchant for impactful deliverables,” the group said at a press conference in Abuja.

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Ibrahim Emokpaire, the group’s convener, who was represented by Ibrahim Idris, one of the executive members, went on to say that Nigerians abroad and in the diaspora yearned for Tinubu.

“Nigeria requires an unrepentant progressive, a visionary with a penchant for high-impact deliverables,” he said. Nigeria needs a builder, and Asiwaju’s credentials and accomplishments are undeniable.

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“He possesses the political will and ability to transform our land into an Eldorado in a short period of time. Nigerians, both at home and abroad, are hoping for a Tinubu-led administration to bring relief to the people.”

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