To avoid endangering the lives of any Lagos residents in his honest pursuit for peace, Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has announced that all preparations for the Walk for Peace, which he had previously planned with the youth and various organisations in the state, have been halted.

“Since my last address to you, the good people of Lagos State on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, during which I expressed a desire to lead a Walk for Peace, following the outcome of the work of the Judicial Panel on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and Other Matters, I have been inundated with deep expressions of solidarity from various groups and people declaring their readiness to join me on the Walk for Peace, I have been inundated with deep expressions of solidarity from various

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“When the unseen adversary known as Covid-19 began ravaging the planet, including our own country, I assumed the job of Incident Commander in our effort to protect our people’s lives. We were forced to follow the demands of science. We choose to be guided by professional opinions based on research rather than our emotions.

“We have witnessed a considerable increase in cases related with the Omicron variety of this pandemic between Tuesday, November 30, 2021, when I gave my address, and now.”

“In light of this situation, I am forced to halt all Walk for Peace preparations.” In my honest pursuit for peace, I will not imperil the lives of any Lagosians. The outpouring of support for the effort from far and wide has astounded me. The outpouring of support, on the other hand, indicates one thing: our people recognize the critical role of peace in our development efforts.”

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“I look forward to connecting with you as we work together for peace,” Sanwo-Olu stated.

“In fact, I owe a special debt of appreciation to our students and youths, who came out to members of my team or personally to me, expressing their willingness to join me on the scheduled Walk for Peace. Many of our Civil Society Executives, business leaders both inside and outside of Corporate Lagos, religious leaders, members of the Diplomatic Community, entertainers, Market Associations, Trade Associations, and Women Groups have all devoted time and resources to the Peace Walk’s preparation. He said, “I thank you everyone.”

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