SAD NEWS : Forceful Sex For Money Ritual – Mother Kills Her Son

How many mothers can be so courageous to prepare a good dish for their son and then garnish it with poison? Only a courageous Etsako East woman will.

The quest for quick money is allegedly said to be the reason behind why a young man from one of the many villages of Okpella kingdom followed his mother to the farm, forced her to a very hot sex. The reason for the Rape Sex is said to be able to soak an handkerchief into mixed semen for money ritual.

According to the mother, “I didn’t have to argue with him since he threatened to kill me if I did or even attempted to reveal the act to anybody. So I made up my mind that such abominable, taboo and animalistic act will not go unpunished”. When I got home,I behaved as if nothing happened but made him a very good dish that he always liked, mixed with local Otapiapia poison. I warned the other children strictly not to dare the food I reserved for him. “He ate peacefully apparently for the joy of huge incoming cash and then died thereafter”.

The sudden death of the boy prompted the intervention of the police and the mother was said to have told the police in clear terms that she killed the boy. “There is no reason to keep you waiting and investigating, I killed the boy, do you people force your mothers to sex?, threatened to kill her if she dares to talk, can you attempt to make money by sleeping with your mother”? All were shocked at the revelations of the Raped mother. My son had sex with me in the farm and I had to prepare food for him and then add poison to kill him. Yes, I did she concluded.

Public opinion they say favours the act of the mother for the courage she summoned to get that animal son who wanted to sacrifice the life of his mother for ritual money.

*WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ; Is She Right Or Wrong?

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