Residents of Lagos’ Magodo Phase II Estate are protesting the presence of more than 50 armed police officers in their neighborhood.

The estate’s two entrance gates were closed early Tuesday by the management.

Vehicle traffic was disrupted as a result of the closure.

People were permitted to leave the estate but were not permitted to enter.

Residents carried placards to show their dissatisfaction.

They questioned the presence of police officers who had been rumored to be on the estate since last month.

“Lagos Attorney-General, prosecute those involved in the illegal invasion of Magodo Phase 2 as you promised,” one inscription reads. “Magodo Phase 2 has been under siege by the IGP’s anti-riot police squad for three weeks.”

“We called our people out to protest this morning,” Bajo Osinubi, Chairman of Magodo Residents’ Association, told our correspondent.

“The estate is home to over 50 police officers. We want the cops to leave our neighborhood.

“There have been no kidnappings or riots, so why are they still here?” We want them to leave our property.

“We want to be able to live in peace.” The Lagos State government and the Adeyiga family are in a business relationship.

“We’re under siege; the cops have been here for two weeks; they arrived in December to seize properties on behalf of the Adeyiga family and others.”

“Since then, we’ve contacted prominent figures to intervene and get the cops off our property.”

“Even in our own homes, we are victims.” The cops have already arrived. They are extremely agitated.

“Imagine a confrontation between a local resident and the police. The simplest way to avoid a situation like this is to return the police officers to Abuja.

“We’ve allowed people to go out, but this morning we’re protesting to let the rest of the world know what’s going on.” We should be at work, but we want the rest of the world to know what’s going on at Magodo.

“I spoke with the governor yesterday (Monday), and he said he’s on top of it.” He has stated that he will address the situation.

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“Last week, the Commissioner of Police dispatched the DCP Ops to supervise the troop withdrawal, but they claim they have yet to receive signal. The police were reportedly drafted from Abuja.

“Our first priority is to get the cops off the estate so we can leave in peace.”

“We need the government to take action to relieve the family’s burden.

“They did it about four to five years ago, and they want to do it again this year.”

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