Olorogun of Ijegun passes on @89, Traditional leaders of Ijegun Ijeododo community assemble to observe Fidau.

By Onome Naomi


The oldest cabinet chief of the Ijegun palace passes on. Traditional rulers from the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa tribe, cabinet chiefs, others mourns the passing of Alhaji Olorogun of Ijegun at 89 during a prayer session “Fidau” organized by Oba Nureni Alani ( Ilufemiloye) the Onijegun of Ijegun land on 23rd October, 2023.

Eze Chika Nwokedi the Ezendigbo of Ijegun Ijeododo, chairman council of Ndi Ezes in Lagos attended the Fidau prayer with wife Pst. Dr. Tessy Chika Nwokedi “Ugoeze”, Cabinet Chiefs of the Obi Eziokwu palace and the executives of the Igbo speaking community in Ijegun to show solidarity with Oba Nureni Alani ,Oni Ijegun Of Ijegun and Other traditional rulers on the demise of Olorogun of Ijegun

Eze Chika said his attendance to pay his last respect to Alhaji Olorogun of Ijegun a member of the cabinet of HRM Nureni Alani, Oni Ijegun Of Ijegun is very vital to further show that unity and bond exist amongst the tribes. During the Fidau prayer organised for his passing, he was described as a father to all, a well respected adviser and an elder who has played a vital role in the Ijegun Ijeododo community and its environs before his demise.

Further more, Eze Chika stated that he has once visited Late Olorogun of Ijegun and attested to the goodly advise accorded him by the then aged man, a reason to sympathize with Oba Nureni who had lost a valuable member of his cabinet.

HRH Chika in his speech preaches peace amongst the tribes present at the event. He said:

“Let the people of Ijegun know that we are all one whether Christian or Muslim – Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik etc we are all one. In otherwords we are here to promote peace and unity amongst us because we have the same red blood running through our veins and will not allow politics or personal interest divide us.

In attendance of the Fidau, our motive is also to support the Oni Ijegun of Ijegun, Oba Nureni , the enthroned king of the Ijegun people who governs the Ezendigbo and Igbos, the Seriki and Hausa speaking persons. Ijegun is a peaceful community and rarely has ethnicity issues ranging from land to other factors. If any issue arises, we resolve them at the Obas palace.”

Oba Nureni in adherence of the speech, prayed for Eze Chika and entourage, acknowledged their condolence and further appreciated the solidarity preached.

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The Chief Imam of the occasion also commended Eze Chika’s words of wisdom, encouraged him to ensure continuity in his goodwill, advised that he continually join hands with the Onijegun of Ijegun to develope the Ijegun Ijeododo Ijagemo community. The Chief Imam also said the peaceful coexistence of the people lies in the hands of the leaders and must be maintained.

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