Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, two Ghanaian musicians, have been slammed by a cross-section of Nigerians for their recent accusations against Wizkid and Davido.

In a recent Twitter rant, Shatta Wale chastised Nigerian musicians for failing to reciprocate the love and support shown to them by Ghanaians.

In addition, Stonebwoy, who supports Shatta Wale, stated that while his colleague’s approach is incorrect, his message is valid.

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Stonebwoy requested that Nigerian musicians allow music from other African countries to flourish on local and international platforms in Nigeria.

This sparked outrage, with some Nigerians taking to social media to accuse them of having a “entitlement mentality.”

Some have claimed that hard work and a lack of entitlement mentality put Nigerian musicians on the map, and that Ghanaian musicians should follow in their footsteps.

The following are some Twitter comments:

@Savvyrinu “Ranting and entitlement mentality did not help Nigerian music gain international recognition. It took a lot of effort. Nobody made us listen to Fuse ODG or dance to it. It’s not through guilt, but through grace, merit, and hard work. Africa is one, but Nigeria is the one to blame when you need someone to blame. No one complained when Mafikizolo, Tchelete, and Master KG from South Africa controlled the Nigerian airwaves for many years. “Good songs don’t make enemies.”

@Asiwajulerry ” Shall we begin by listing all of Wizkid’s, Davido’s, and Burna Boy’s numerous collaborations with Ghanaian artists? Learn from your Nigerian brothers and sisters: if you don’t push yourself, there’s little that foreign or brotherly countries can do for you. Increase the number of pen games you play!

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@Letom ” The arrogance is shocking. Burna Boy was selling B. D’OR on the streets of London two weeks ago, proving that music is a business. Stonebwoy, nothing is going to be handed to you. Put forth the effort. Imagine us asking English people to watch our league because we are fans of the Premier League.”

@ChiefNomso “For over a decade, Nigerian artists have collaborated on numerous projects with Ghanaian artists, with Joeboy FT, a GH artiste this year, being one of them. Why aren’t Ghanaians urging South Africans to promote their country’s music? Or only Nigerians can, Nigerian music got to where it is today because Nigerians backed it.”

@Mikeoriv ” The only thing you said here that is valid is the Airplay debate, which is debatable.” Anything else is pure nonsense; no other country loves Ghanaian artists as much as Nigeria does. From R2bees to Sarkodie and a slew of other artists. “Kwesi Arthur was even on Ckay’s Love nwantitin.”

@Omojuwa “My Ghanaian brother Bright Simons put it best when he said that Nigerians are driven. They’ll keep pushing. No is not an acceptable response. You should all go sit down with Bright so he can show you how to use music to conquer the world. Emotional blackmail isn’t going to work! In the market, it’s worth nothing.”

@Letter to jack “Good sound appeals to Nigerians, and it is this that draws our attention. This is why Awilo Logomba has taken over our airwaves and has become the lifeblood of every Nigerian political party. South African songs occasionally do the same thing. Meet our needs if you want Nigerians to embrace your songs; EVOLVE.”

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@WhoisLato ” The only difference between what you said and what Shatta Wale said is that he’s ranting and you took note of it and tweeted it.” Why are you guys over there so envious? Instead, you should sit down and learn from Nigerians so that you can improve.”

@GraceChieke “I wish Nigerian artists a higher ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 next year, as well as more sold-out shows and international recognition.” You haven’t seen anything yet; the real fire will arrive next year. Make good music because we crave it. You’re not going to use our emotions to blackmail us.

@MissTeeOfficial “It’s a disgrace to reduce Nigeria’s musical impact to the country’s population. No Nigerian artist wakes up one day and thinks, “Wow, I’ve made it!” The amount of effort that goes into the craft is insane. This sense of entitlement is strange. Nigerians adore other African sounds and enthusiastically support their creators.”

@Samsenaexe ” They make fun of us all the time because of our security problems with Boko Haram. It’s a constant source of amusement for them. They sneer at our power supply problem. The one area in which Nigeria outperforms them and is widely recognized. They are enraged and threatened, and they demand it by force.”

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@Olly “Excuse me, but I don’t want to hear about the population. South Korea has a small population, but its entertainment industry has broken down barriers all over the world, from music to movies. It’s insulting to reduce the hard work of Nigerians to “population.”

@Drew ” Be grateful that your most popular song on Spotify and YouTube is a collaboration with a Nigerian artist. “You owe us nothing.”

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