Nigerian Born US General, Azubuike invites Nigerians, Others Interested In American Army.

By Naomisophyblog

Nigerian-born Amanda Azubuike has encouraged Nigerians who have a passion for joining the United States army to contact her.
Gen. Azubuike also said there are many opportunities in the US army, adding that it could help anyone achieve his dream.

Recall that there was a previous report stating that Amanda Azubuike, a senior officer in the US Army, was recently promoted to the Brigadier General rank.

Azubuike also shared the story of how she joined the US army even before she became a citizen of the country, adding that her family and faith in God helped in propelling her career.

The newly decorated senior army officer said there are many opportunities in the U.S army notwithstanding one’s occupation.

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She disclosed this via a post on her official Linkedin account.
Part of the statement read: “We have many opportunities for those looking for a sense of purpose and service. As I found out very early in life, the Army has many opportunities, and many occupations, and we award many scholarships. Please contact me if you or someone you know wants to be an Army officer. Regardless of how you define success, the Army can help you get there – we want to be part of your journey!”

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