Nigerians on X have lambasted members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for ‘sheepishly’ obeying the self-imposed Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile (BRGIE) who stays in his comfort zone in Finland issuing instructions to his followers to carry out deadly attacks in the South-East region.
Ekpa had declared a three-day sit-at-home from May 29 to May 30 to commemorate the heroes and heroines of Biafra who were killed in the civil war between 1967 and 1970.
Despite opposition by governors and leaders in the region as well as security agencies issuing threats against the lockdown, members of IPOB forcefully ensured that the sit-at-home order was enforced.
The lockdown however, turned bloody in some cities especially Abia State, where four soldiers were killed and property worth millions of naira were destroyed.
Business activities were also disrupted as traders refused to open their shops for fear of attacks by the rampaging IPOB foot soldiers.
The situation also provoked serious condemnation on social media by Nigerians who faulted the IPOB members for obeying Ekpa who is ensconced in his safe haven while dishing out dangerous instructions which have led to killings, destruction and a general state of fear in the South-East.
Read some of the reactions here:
@RealNaijaBoy: “Is it not the height of insanity that sane people will obey the deadly instructions from a mad man who stays in his comfort zone in far away Finland and go out to cause mayhem, killing their own brothers and sisters and destroy their properties in the name of actualising Biafra republic? Why can’t Simon Ekpa come down to and lead them himself?”
@NoNonsense wrote: “This is the region of the Igbos who will come online and call other people cowards!! Today their mama, papa, and pikin are forced to sit at home by a man who lives in Finland. Four soldiers have been killed already today at Ogborhill Obikabia junction. Over 300,000 pupils won’t be able to write their exams today
“Watch how Igbos will be quiet about this on the timeline, and watch their hypocrisy and cowardice stink all through today.”
@Dipoaina1 said: “According to them they call this a “Remembrance Day,” a day where people are forced to sit at home by a man who lives in Finland. Senseless bunch!”
“We are just seeing reports of the “IPOB-Biafraud day” in Enugu where police men were brutally murdered, businesses and other public facilities burnt to ashes. Civilized society indeed,” @Baba1 wrote.
@Bolutife had this to say: “Yorubas are cowards but we Ibos are brave only that we dare not go out of our house because one boy living in Finland said so. This bravery will favour our region.”

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