The Fourth Edition of Ambassador Lt Gen TY BURATAI RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP Competition came to a peaceful conclusion, with the residents of Borno welcoming the return of peace.

The Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Benin, Lt Gen TY Buratai (RTD), in his never-ending efforts to restore peace and unity in Borno State, the Northeast, and the entire country at large through kinetic and non-kinetic means, has engaged thousands of youths in Borno State, as the fourth edition of Ambassador Lt Gen TY Buratai RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP competition began and ended successfully with forty-four participating Clubs across the State.

The TY BURATAI FOUNDATION organized the competition to identify clubs and individuals by providing them with various sporting equipment such as jerseys, awards, and other prizes at the end of the competition.

Bolori’s F. C Arsenal defeated Buratai Academy’s F. C Buratai Academy by a score of three goals to two in the regular regulation time of ninety minutes.

Supporters and spectators from across the state are urging well-to-do members of society to follow in the footsteps of Ambassador Buratai by contributing their fair share to youth engagement and development.

Such a competition was held in the IGABI Local Government Area of Kaduna State in honor of Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic Lt Gen TY Buratai RTD.

Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Benin

His country is first in his mind as the best priorities

It may be recalled that Borno State, dubbed the “HOME OF PEACE” in Nigeria, was once terrorized by Boko Haram insurgents, but with the appointment of Ambassador Lt Gen TY Buratai RTD as Chief of Army Staff, the state was able to recapture all of its local government areas and reclaim its former glory.

Near Or Far

The Borno State Commissioner of Police, Deputy Controller of Correctional Service, ChairmanAlhaji Ali Bolori M.M.C, and Alhaji Babagana Kalli Kachallah Chairman Football Association F.A Borno State are among the dignitaries who attended the event.


Fourth Edition of Ambassador Lt Gen TY BURATAI RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP Competition

Ambassador Buratai

Buratai Academy's F. C Buratai Academy

The Fourth Edition of Ambassador


Lt Gen TY Buratai (RTD)Lt Gen TY BURATAI RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP CompetitionFourth Edition of Ambassador Chief of Army Staff HOME OF PEACEChief of Army Staff reclaim its former glory Ibrahim Tukur Worker
Borno State

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