Mrs Justina Agbumi sat with other pleasure seekers at the Lafia township stadium on Thursday, November 26 to observe the evening training of Nasarawa United football players.

But, while everyone else seemed to be having a good time watching professional footballers juggle the ball, Justina sat quietly and solemnly.

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The cheerful mood of the nine-month-old infant on her bosom, who sucked away merrily on a bottle of soft drink, contrasted with her melancholy demeanor.

Justina has practically become a recluse since her husband’s tragic death and her heinous conduct with a young man her husband had with another woman out of wedlock.

She decided to put her fertility to the test with the young man who was living with them, not knowing that the young man in question is her husband’s biological son, because she had been childless for 19 years after she married Donald Agbumi and was anxious to find out whether she was actually infertile.

It was the conclusion of the couple’s deception, as Donald had brought the young man in and introduced him to Justina as one of his village relatives.

Our correspondent’s efforts to contact with Justina after one of her neighbors dropped a hint about the incident for a week finally paid off on Thursday at the Lafia township stadium, when she agreed to speak about it.

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Justina explained how their once-enviable romance became tainted with impatience, hatred, and abuse, to the point where neighbors and friends became peacemakers before the marriage was annulled.

She described how the previous 15 years had been the worst of her life because they didn’t have a child, with assault, name calling, cruelty, and malnutrition.

“It got to the point where I wondered if I was still married to the same man.”

“He turned into a beast, calling me barren, harlot, and useless because I couldn’t take in,” she continued, tears streaming down her face.

“He was my best buddy before we got married,” she added. We were eager to start a family as soon as possible so that we could move on.

“But there was nothing after five years or more.” I felt concerned since I didn’t take in.

“We had various tests and were told that I was well, but that my husband had a low sperm count and that he needed to adjust his diet, which we did, but nothing changed.”

“Because he is the only son, his mother had already been antagonistic to me, coming from the village on a regular basis, while my husband joined her in irritating me.”

“Before that, I went to places where my faith wouldn’t normally allow me to go since all I wanted was a child.” Despite this, nothing came of it.

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“That’s how I got my start living alone.” I sobbed every day, but it didn’t help me.

I had an idea one day and wanted to test my fertility with a different man. I realized that would be high-level adultery, but I reasoned that it would be a lesser sin if it was with a relative of my husband’s who was staying with us. Since my spouse had ceased making love to me for about seven months, I drew the young man closer and became him my best friend.

“It was tough to get Godwin to start sleeping with me, but I also had to consider my age.”

“I had never cheated on my spouse before, but I had reached the end of my patience and the odds were stacked against me.

“I came to the conclusion that Godwin would be the best way to test my fertility.”

“I had seen Godwin’s crotch while cleaning the house, and I realized that his manhood was large enough to satisfy me, despite the fact that he was only approximately 17 years old.”

“Whenever my husband went to work, I started admiring him.” I would summon bravery and approach him, luring him closer to me with insignificant stuff.

“He succumbed quickly, and we began having sex, albeit he wasn’t quite perfect because he hadn’t been into it before.”

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“However, I was instructing him.” I also cautioned him not to tell anyone about it and promised to kill him if he did.

“We made strides in that regard, particularly during my ovulation phase.” He was able to impregnate me in a short period of time. Three months later, I didn’t get my period.

“I was overjoyed that the plan to test my fertility worked, and that Godwin was able to do in such a short period what my husband had been unable to do for years.”

“One good factor was that Godwin was completely unaware of his involvement.

“Unfortunately for me, I had no idea that Godwin was my husband’s biological son.” The whole family kept it hidden from me so that I wouldn’t blame him.”

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Godwin had earned admission to the College of Education Akwanga and was on his way to begin registration when he was killed in an accident.

“He died before I gave birth to a boy,” Justina explained.
“I didn’t go to Godwin’s funeral since I wasn’t strong enough to travel to the village because I was severely pregnant.”

“However, I realized that my husband was saddened and impacted by Godwin’s early death following his burial.” He was so severely disturbed that he almost lost his job.

“Even when I delivered a baby boy for him, he stopped being a joyful man.”

“I tried multiple times to talk to him about the future of our new baby, but he was uninterested because he knew deep down that he wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy and was merely acting.

“The man was dissatisfied in the extreme. My husband jolted me awake one morning in October and broke down in tears, but he couldn’t tell me what was bothering him.

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“He was calm enough to tell me why he was weeping after approximately 40 minutes.”

“He began by apologizing to me for not disclosing to me from the beginning that the late Godwin was his biological son.

“He claimed that when he was younger, he had an affair with a girl that resulted in a pregnancy, which the girl refused to abort.” Godwin was born to her and raised by his mother.

“So when he met me and I expressed strong opposition to any man who previously had a child out of wedlock, he opted to keep it hidden from me so he wouldn’t lose me.”

“All these years, he stated he didn’t know how to tell me about it.” He claimed that he wanted to abort the pregnancy, but that his parents accepted care for him while he continued his education.

“He added that after he finished his studies, he decided that the youngster should come live with us so that I could train him.” But, in order to avoid being a victim, he kept his true identity hidden from me.

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“My husband sobbed again, saying that the late Godwin was his only son and that he knew he had nothing to do with the pregnancy that resulted in the freshly born baby boy.

“He begged me to tell him who the true father of the new born baby was because we hadn’t done any lovemaking in the months leading up to the pregnancy.”

“I realized at that moment that lying would just worsen the matter,” Justina stated, “so I chose to come clean.”

“I cried violently and burst into tears.” I had a hard time explaining it to him because he had been straightforward with me at such a late hour.

“I knelt before him in tears and told to him that my recently born baby was fathered by the late Godwin, his own son.”

“I begged him to pardon me for all my misdeeds, explaining that it was an attempt to preserve my marriage and bear a child for him, and that instead of going outdoors, I thought I should test my fertility with his relative to see if the fault was mine or his.”

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“I pleaded with him to pardon me for all my misdeeds, explaining that I took that course of action to safeguard the marriage, and that the consolation is that the new baby boy would replace his son because his late son’s blood is in the new baby boy.”

According to Justina, her husband’s first reaction was rage, because he couldn’t conceive his son sleeping with his wife to the point of impregnating her, and his wife allowing it to happen under the same roof.

However, their lives have not remained the same after their mutual confession in October 2021, as their former cat and dog connection has deteriorated further.

“He (Donald) kept emaciating,” she stated. He didn’t say anything and seemed uninterested in the new baby.

“We didn’t chat much, and he didn’t answer to my questions.” I was worried that he would kill my son at one point. I was frightened about his aloofness, so I dashed out of the home to see one of my uncles who also lives in town.

“My husband slept and died in his sleep two days later, on the 27th of October.”

“Now his folks are accusing me of being responsible for his death, and they’re threatening to kill me as well,” she continued, her eyes welling up with tears.

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“My brother, I am not myself,” Justina continued. I’m perplexed. I don’t think I deserve to live another day, so I’m thinking about killing myself because my attempt to give my spouse a child has devastated my life.

While confronting the two families was tough owing to the tragedy that had befallen them, our correspondent was able to speak with the late Donald’s mother, who stated, “She (Justina) killed my only son.”

“We asked her to leave the moment we realized she couldn’t conceive, but she refused.

“She caused my son’s life to become unstable, which resulted in his death.”

“Before he died, my son told me everything that had transpired.”

Despite our correspondent’s prodding, she refused to say anything else.

Mr Stephen, Justina’s uncle, informed our correspondent that he would not say anything “until after my sister’s husband’s burial.”

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“But for the time being, she’ll be staying with me.” Allow them to establish that she was to blame for her husband’s death.

“Because our mother is no longer alive, I’ll consult with our parents, particularly our father.”

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