Meta (formerly the Facebook company) is seriously doubling down on its ongoing move to radically counter AI-generated disinformation campaigns on its platform.
Despite numerous worries about the technology, the corporation has said their attempt to counter coordinated disinformation operations developed via generative AI is effective.
AFP reports that Meta‘s most recent assessment of the frequency of coordinated inauthentic behavior on its platforms aligns with growing apprehensions about the possible use of generative AI to trick or mislead people, especially in light of the upcoming elections around the world, especially in the United States.
According to David Agranovich, the director of Meta’s threat disruption policy, the industry’s current defenses—which prioritize behavioral analysis over content scrutiny in order to counter adversarial threats—have so far proven to be effective in lessening the effects of these campaigns.
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One of the misleading networks from China that shared AI-generated poster images of a fake pro-Sikh movement was discovered by the company among the misinformation efforts, as was an Israel-based network that posted AI-generated comments endorsing the Israeli military beneath the pages of prominent personalities and media outlets. According to the business, many of those networks were taken down before they could grow their following within real communities.
“Right now, we’re not seeing gen AI being used in terribly sophisticated ways,” Meta’s policy director of threat disruption, Agranovich, said during a press briefing. Tactics such as creating AI-generated profile photos or using artificial intelligence to produce large volumes of spammy content, haven’t been effective so far,’’ he said.
“But we know that these networks are inherently adversarial,” Agranovich said. “They’re going to keep evolving their tactics as their technology changes.”

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