Meet Eric Imonitie, a true son of Ihievbe community


_by Iruokhafen I. Daniel_

Mr. Eric Imonitie is a name that resonates with the people of Ihievbe community in Owan East, Edo State. He is a beloved grassroots politician who has dedicated his life to serving his community and improving the lives of its residents. As a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Imonitie has worked tirelessly in multiple attempts to bring development and progress to Ihievbe.

One of the key reasons why Mr. Imonitie is so loved in Ihievbe is his commitment to the people. He is always accessible and approachable, willing to listen to the concerns and needs of his constituents. He has a genuine passion for helping others and making a positive impact in the community. Whether it is through organizing community events, providing support to those in need, or advocating for better infrastructure and services, Mr. Imonitie is always at the forefront of efforts to improve the lives of the people of Ihievbe.

Mr. Imonitie’s leadership and dedication have not gone unnoticed. He has earned the respect and admiration of his fellow community members, who see him as a beacon of hope and a true servant of the people. His integrity, honesty, and commitment to transparency have set him apart from other politicians, earning him a reputation (Homo-fidelis) as a trustworthy and reliable leader.

In addition to his work in the community, Mr. Imonitie has also been instrumental in promoting the values and principles of the APC in Ihievbe. He has been a strong advocate for good governance, accountability, and transparency, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that these values are upheld in the community. His efforts have helped to strengthen the party’s presence in Ihievbe and attract new members and leaders from various political parties who share his vision for a better and brighter future.

Overall, Mr. Eric Imonitie is a shining example of what a grassroots politician should be. His dedication, passion, and commitment to serving the people of Ihievbe have made him a beloved figure in the community. As a member of the APC, he has played a crucial role in advancing the party’s agenda and promoting its values in Ihievbe. His leadership, humility and integrity have earned him the trust and respect of his constituents, making him a true asset to both the community and the party.

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