On Tuesday, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State addressed the controversy surrounding the installation of the next Olubadan of Ibadan land, saying that his administration will ensure that the traditional institution of Ibadan is restored to its original concept.

Noting that the current controversy stems from actions taken by the previous government, which the late Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Saliu Adetunji, opposed, the governor of Oyo state stated that he will stand for and carry out what the late Olubadan stood for.

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“For standing for truth and boldly telling the last administration that certain things being done were not right,” he declared, the late Olubadan had etched his name in the history of Ibadan and its chieftaincy.

While paying a condolence visit to the family of Oba Saliu Adetunji, Makinde stated that his administration will ensure that there will never be another controversy over who will be the next Olubadan.

He chastised those who stirred up controversy over the emergence of the next Olubadan, urging everyone to understand what Oba Adetunji stood for.

Makinde announced that the late Olubadan would be given a royal, befitting state burial, adding that his administration is committed to preserving the integrity and sanctity of the Ibadan traditional institution.

“Those who are using the death of the Olubadan to stir up controversy over who should be the next Olubadan or not; whether the case is in court or not, let me state unequivocally that the traditional institution of Ibadan must return to its original concept.”

“This will be the last time there is a debate over who should be installed as the next Olubadan.

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“As a government, I am assuring Ibadan indigenes and lovers of Ibadan that I will uphold what the Kabiyesi stood for,” he said.

“Anyone who cares about himself should pay attention to it.” I know Baba is watching us and will support us in doing what is necessary to preserve the integrity and sanctity of Ibadan’s traditional institution.

“Baba stood for truth; if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have boldly told the previous administration that certain things they were doing were wrong.” Power is difficult to control unless one’s heart has been touched by God.

“Baba stood up to power and stood for truth on Ibadan’s traditional institution.” That’s what sparked the whole thing. Even though Baba is no longer with us, what he stood for lives on.

“Without acknowledging what Baba stood for, the history of the traditional institution in Ibadan will be incomplete.” What we can do as children is give Baba a royal and proper burial. That is exactly what the government will do.”

He chastised those who blamed him for not being present when the Olubadan joined his ancestors, claiming that he made sure Adetunji received the best medical care possible.

“When I heard about the death of the Olubadan, a lot of people said I should come home,” Makinde said. Those people are ignorant because I was talking to medical personnel the entire time Baba was sick, at the Infectious Diseases Centre in Olodo.

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“I also gave them permission to allow Baba’s aides to accompany him.” Professor Alonge was assigned to provide me with daily reports, which I delegated to him. As a result, they are not the ones to advise us on how to care for our elderly. “We did what had to be done.”

One of the late monarch’s sons, Abdulroheem Adetunji, said in his remarks that his father stood for truth and urged Makinde to protect the Ibadan traditional institution.

This came as he prayed for God’s wisdom and guidance for the Oyo governor to make the right decisions in the coming days regarding the Olubadan controversy.

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