The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), a Nigerian Islamic civil rights organization, on Sunday, demanded the removal of power by state governors to dethrone traditional rulers.
MURIC call followed the last week’s reinstatement of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the Emir of Kano by the state government.
Sanusi was dethroned by former Kano Governor Abdullahi Ganduje’s administration in March 2020.
In a statement issued on Sunday by its Director, Ishaq Akintola, MURIC argued that the current system allows governors to play politics with traditional institutions and jeopardise their sanctity.
The group decried the “show of power” and the treatment of monarchs “as victims of political intrigues.”
The statement read: “The city of Kano is currently embroiled in crisis as the state governor, Abba Yusuf, deposed five emirs and reinstated Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who was dethroned as emir of Kano on Monday, 9th March 2020.
“MURIC is shocked by these developments. It is not only embarrassing but confusing and that is to say the least as we struggle to restrain ourselves from going into any explosive outburst.
“Politicians are out to debilitate, destabilize and finally dismantle the traditional system. The governors have bastardised the traditional system the same way they messed up the local government system all over the country.
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“The show of power in Kano in the last 48 hours are symptomatic of a serious decay and big threat to our nascent democracy. Traditional rulers are made victims of political intrigues and the fear of the total collapse of traditional values hangs above our heads like the sword of Damocles.
The group advocated a system where traditional rulers are shielded from political whims.
It also proposed direct appointment processes or methods that limit the governor’s influence in such decisions.
“It is an open secret that governors act with politics at the back of their minds. We strongly condemn the way and manner two governors, past and present, have turned the revered stool of the ancient city of Kano into a tool for ping-pong game and our traditional rulers who should be respected by the governors are now being pushed hither and thither.
“The position of MURIC has always been that governors should no longer be allowed to dethrone traditional rulers and we have ventilated this campaign on several occasions.
“The naked dance in the market place currently going on in Kano has made it more imperative for Nigerians to rise against the excesses of governors. It is time we demand from our lawmakers to immunise traditional rulers from disgraceful, untimely, unnecessary and politically motivated dethronements.
“That will not necessarily make the traditional rulers all powerful. Traditional rulers who misbehave can still be sanctioned by the kingmakers. He can be suspended or dethroned but it will be by his own people. The kingmakers are enough for the king as checks and balances,” the statement added.
The situation in Kano highlights the ongoing tension between political power and cultural heritage in Nigeria.
The outcome of this debate could have implications for traditional rulership across the country.

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