President Muhammadu Buhari said yesterday that his administration would support the families of those killed or injured in the line of duty and assist them in realizing their full potential. When speaking to troops at the Nigerian Air Force Base in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, Buhari stated this.

In a related development, the president stated that the country was better prepared to deal with terrorists, particularly in the north-east, as a result of increased military technology and hardware capability. After inaugurating some projects donated to the University of Maiduguri by business mogul Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi, Buhari gave the assurance yesterday in Maiduguri.

Buhari, speaking to troops at the Nigerian Air Force Base, claimed that the military had nearly eradicated insurgency and other security threats to the country. He urged men in Operation Hadin Kai, the military operation fighting insurgency in the north-east, to remain steadfast as the campaign against terrorism and other criminalities enters its final phase.

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He urged them to stay focused “to achieve our strategic end-state, which is the defeat of all adversaries and the restoration of an economically viable North-east geopolitical zone and other parts of the country, where Nigerians can go about their business without fear or harassment.”

The president expressed gratitude to the soldiers, saying that the entire country was grateful for their valor in ensuring the gradual return of peace to the North-east. He expressed his condolences to the bereaved families as well as the injured.

In recognition of their sacrifices for all Nigerians, Buhari assured the families of soldiers who paid the ultimate price for the country and the injured that the federal government would meet their needs.
“I am delighted to be with you today and to express my gratitude, as well as the gratitude of the entire nation, to you all, as you continue to strive to secure our dear country,” he said to the troops. Your job is unlike any other because it requires you to make a conscious decision to give your all for the sake of others. As a result, I’ve come to thank and commend you for your service and sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation.

“Let me begin by expressing my condolences to you all on the death on November 13, 2021, of Brigadier General Dzarma Zirkushu and other members of the 25 and 28 Task Force Brigades. I do so with the knowledge that others have died in this theater of operations, as well as other operational areas across the country.

“We pray for their souls to rest in peace, and for the Almighty God to comfort their families.” The people of Borno State, and indeed the entire country, owe our serving men and women in uniform a debt of gratitude for the enormous sacrifices they have made in the pursuit of peace.”
The president praised the troops for their incredible fortitude and perseverance in the face of adversity.

“The Nigerian Armed Forces are known for their spirit, tenacity, and resolve,” he said. You did an excellent job. Our country, like the rest of the Sahel, is confronted with a number of security challenges, the majority of which are characterized by violent non-state actors. This has necessitated a number of responses aimed at ensuring the safety of people and property in the various hotspots.

“Further improvements in the security situation in Operation Hadin Kai have resulted in a corresponding rise in our people’s confidence, and they are now returning in large numbers to their homes.” As a result of the military leadership reorganization, concerted efforts are being made to improve your equipment holding. I’m aware that some of the platforms procured by our administration have begun to arrive, while others will arrive in the coming weeks.”

The president said that significant resources had been directed to procuring explosive ordnance disposal equipment in response to the threat posed by criminals using improvised explosive devices. Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance assets, he said, were all given equal attention.

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“These measures and the platforms you’re getting will give you the reach, firepower, and protection you need to project force across the theater and bring the fight to a logical and successful conclusion,” he said.
Buhari told the troops that he stressed the need to revitalize the Multinational Joint Task Force from the beginning of his administration. This was in recognition of the current threats’ fluid and transnational nature, as well as their proclivity to hibernate in neighboring countries.

“I, therefore, urge you to continue to strengthen your cooperation with the militaries of other countries under the auspices of the Multinational Joint Task Force in order to maximize mutual gains for our respective national security,” Buhari said.

“As we step up our military efforts, our administration has remained conscious of the efficacy of other lines of effort in our drive to restore lasting peace to the North-east region,” he added.

“The North East Development Commission continues to make significant progress in enhancing the economic and social well-being of Nigerians in the region. I’m also pleased with the improved cooperation between the good people of Borno State, other stakeholders, and security agencies. I implore you to keep cooperating with other security agencies in order to ensure a complete return to normalcy.”

He reassured the public that the administration would continue to work with all well-intentioned parties, including friendly nations and civil society organizations, to bring peace to all troubled areas across the country.

“This has been critical to the furtherance of our mutual efforts at restoring peace to the state,” the president said, praising the government of Borno State for its continuous cooperation with the federal government in multiple spheres.

“I especially commend Your Excellency, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum, for your unwavering commitment and valued collaboration with my administration for the benefit of the people of Borno.” Yours is an excellent example of the inherent benefits that can be gained from deliberate positive interaction between the federal government and states.”

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Buhari also praised the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Defence Staff, service chiefs, and heads of all other security agencies for forging a united front of collaboration and cooperation that has improved operations.

“It was gratifying to observe some of these examples of collaboration during the recently concluded Chief of Army Staff’s annual conference’s research and development exhibition, as well as the launch of a locally constructed seaward defense ship at the Naval Dockyard,” he said.

“I implore you all to stay the course in ensuring that we become self-sufficient in defense equipment production in the not-too-distant future.”

“As your Commander-in-Chief, I am mindful of your selfless sacrifices, which in some cases have entailed paying the ultimate price.” The nation owes you a debt of gratitude for your unwavering commitment, dedication, and unwavering loyalty to the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Constitution.

“Our government will continue to work with your respective heads to ensure that your welfare is prioritized and that our wounded comrades receive the best possible medical care.”
Buhari also stated that manpower shortages, which had prevented some units from rotating out of the theater, would be addressed by concerted efforts to increase recruitment and ensure that the remaining units due for rotation were relieved as soon as possible.

In a related development, Buhari stated that terrorists in the North-West would face difficult times due to the military’s acquisition of high-tech equipment and hardware.
He also stated that he would continue to do his best for the country’s development until May 2023, when he will formally step down as president.

After the inauguration of the Oriental Energies Resource Ltd Hanger, Muhammadu Indimi Distance Learning Centre, and an International Conference Centre donated to the University of Maiduguri by business mogul, Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi, on Thursday in Maiduguri, the president expressed concern about the level of insecurity in the North West zone.

He expressed regret that people in the Northwest, who had previously lived together for a long time, sharing the same culture and outlook, would begin stealing, kidnapping, and killing one another.

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“I know I swore by the constitution, and I will leave in 17 months,” Buhari said. I hope and pray that whoever succeeds us will continue to focus on securing the country and growing the economy. You can’t grow the economy without securing the country.”

Nigerians, according to Buhari, should evaluate the administration’s performance based on where security, the economy, and corruption were before he took office and where they are now.
“We live in a wonderful country, and we are grateful to God for providing us with so many resources.” However, we must expand our resources.”

The president stated that empowering the people would make development more sustainable.
“I am extremely impressed with what I have seen at the University of Maiduguri’s state-of-the-art Centre for Distance Learning and Auditorium,” he said. This international conference hall, according to my information, has 1,300 seats. Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi made a significant contribution to the high quality standard of this edifice. This intervention will benefit students from all over Nigeria, not just those from Borno and the north-east.

“The Oriental Energy Resources Hangar, which I commissioned, will welcome aircraft and pilots involved in Humanitarian Air Services and provide support services.”

Buhari also praised Borno State Governor Babagana Zulum for his work over the past two years, saying he would be in the state in June to commission development projects.

Zulum thanked the president for honoring the state, saying that Indimi’s contributions to the state’s development demonstrated his love for his people.

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“Words are inadequate to express our gratitude for the statesmanship,” said the governor.
According to Zulum, the state has recognized Indimi’s contributions by renaming the Damboa Road after him, which is now known as Alhajji Muhammadu Indimi Road.

Indimi also expressed his desire to construct the Distance Learning Centre and the International Conference Centre in order to promote education in the state.
“I believe the center will aid in the delivery of training and skills, as well as encourage those who will be taking lessons from distant locations,” he said.

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