Human Rights Activists Criticise Surge in Airfare, Demand FGN Prompt Review

…..Says Festus Keyamo Is Unfit To Serve As The Aviation Minister

By Onome Naomi

Comrade Prince Saviour Iche

Comrade Prince Saviour Iche, the voiceless ambassador and convener of AMPEF, is pleading with the federal government to intervene in response to the nation’s airlines’ rising ticket rates. Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation, is incompetent, he claims.

Based on an analysis of current airfare rates, Iche reports that states across the nation are seeing increases in pricing, with the lowest-rated airline now charging as much as N150,000 to travel from Lagos to Abuja, while higher-traffic airlines charge up to N250,000. It should be highlighted that the recent spike in transport costs, particularly for air travel, has a direct impact on businesses that depend on moving their employees around to meet deadlines, provide goods and services, and earn a living.

Festus Keyamo

According to Iche, the administration of the aviation industry by Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation, demonstrates his incompetence, as evidenced by the continually rising cost of airfare and the small number of aircraft that are in service to carry passengers. He claims Keyamo is unsuited for the role and that his function was not thoroughly considered before appointment.

Furthermore Iche said;

“Since there aren’t many airlines in Nigeria, it begs the question of why the current government ignores the corruption and mismanagement in the aviation industry. A regulatory body overseeing the airlines should be established to control their operations, including setting a floor price for passengers. It is possible to attribute ineptitude and inhumanity to those who ignore the suffering of Nigerians.”

“The New Nigerian Airline taken over by the government has gone into extinction, the airline came in as mere deceit to embezzle public funds and not airworthy to convey people as it is a rebranded and refurbished shamble of a plane.”

” Amid few aircrafts and expensive tickets for passengers, the federal authorities also suspended Dana Air. The suspension of suspended airlines should be revoked, the government should support the emergence of new airlines in the aviation industry to foster healthy competition and relieve pressure on Nigerians who travels based on their preferences and financial capabilities.”

“It is a shame that Nigeria, the giant of Africa do not have her country’s airline owned and controlled by the federal government like Air Ghana, Ethiopian Air, Kenyan Airways, LAM Mozambique Airlines, Egypt Air, South African Airways and other country owned airlines.”

Iche added that the Minister’s first responsibility is to control the airline industry, keeping in mind that, in reality, the rebirth of the Nigerian airline is a significant undertaking that ought to get underway as soon as he assumes office as Minister of Aviation. Because of Keyamo’s demonstrated incapacity, it is therefore reasonable to call for a new Minister who’s an expert in this field. It is noteworthy that Keyamo, who was appointed in April 2018, failed in his role as the director of strategic communications during the government of previous President Buhari. He was then named minister of state for labour and employment in President Buhari’s 2019 reelection campaign.

Additional References

Given that Nigeria is regressing rather than progressing, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu needs to reorganize his government. Nigerians suffer from a number of issues, including increase in pump prices leading to high road transportation costs, rising air travel, and instability in food producing states. Rice, the staple diet of the average person, is too costly. The president should reorganize and replace members of his cabinet if he wants Nigerians to regard him seriously.

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Comrade Prince Saviour Iche who speaks for the voiceless reiterated that the people have placed a vote of no confidence on President Tinubu unless he offers answers to the terrible circumstances that have befallen Nigeria and her people.

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