HRH Dr. Chika Nwokedi Coronates 16 Chiefs Into His Cabinet, Gives Food Items, Cash To Widows Subsequently.

By Onome Naomi

The Chiefs were confered with various titles on the 19th March, 2022  at the palace of the Eze of Ijegun Ijeododo Kingdom with the full tradition of the Igbo culture in display, all procedures as established by tradition was fully observed.

The 16 Chiefs were  coronated alongsides their wife as it is noted that in the Igbo culture, a titled man’s wife will automatically  also be a title holder,  they are being called a general name “Lolo” alongsides the different titles given.

The names of the Chiefs coronated are:

Chief Moses Ikechukwu Nwokedi ,Title; Anagba Onyeisi Egbe Chiya Anayoro yan Mgbo 1 of Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Obi Okoro, Title; Obinwanne 1 of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Eng.Chibundu Ezeghalike,Title; Chief Ofiafuragu of Ijegun Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Emeka OnwukaobiTitle;The Onowu of Ndi -Igbo, Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Chika Victor Ikeoma,Title; Agbarusia Ngene of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Godwin Ananeme,Title;Ofor 1 of Ndi-igbo, Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Owuh Anthony Ben,Title; Ikuku Oma 1 of Ijegun Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Ifeanyi Augustin Chisorom Igwegbe, Title: Mmaduka Aku of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Martins Chimudili Chikezie, Title;Eze Akunebu of Ijegun Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Chisimdi Ezendiokwere, Title:Afunwaelotanna of Ndi-igbo Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Chukwuemeka Ogbuka , Title;Ogbuefi Chinyelugo of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Arinze Okpara Isaac, Title;Ugochinyere 1 of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Felix Uche Oguekemma,Title:Agbala nze 1 of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief John NgwaTitle;Ije God 1of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom, Chief Mazi Ifeanyi Ihionu ,Title;Nwoke mere Ibeya 1 of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom,  Hon.Chief Mrs Rufina Mary Emeduruowa, Title;Ochiora 1 of Ijegun, Ijeododo Kingdom”.

Naomi Sophy Blog had an interaction with all the Chiefs as regards the essence of being chosen to be coronated. They made reference to the fact that they have always in a way or the other supported HRM Dr. Chika’s cause by contributing significantly towards any good project he embarks on,  always with him through thick and thin and as such, he has paid them back with giving them this rare opportunity without much ado. They all particularly noted that, this opportunity has given them a reason to  do more when it comes to rendering humanitarian support to the less privileged both financially and morally.

After the official coronation of Chiefs, an after party  event which took place at the popular football arena in Ijegun Community on the 19th March, 2022 was deemed a memorable and colourful day as 16 Chiefs were officially coronated into the cabinet of Eze. Dr. Chika C. Nwokedi.

An array of guest trooped in colourfully to witness the occasion, titled men as well as royalties were seen in full traditional Igbo attires. The names of High profiled guest at the occasion  includes, HRM Eze Christian Nwachuku, Ezendigbo of Lagos, Eze Dr.  Lawrence Nnamdi Eze” Ezendigbo of Alimosho, High Chief Cyril Sunday Eze, President General Igbo speaking community , Chief Garu Bamidele Shobaloju of Ikotun amongst others.

The guest speaker Chief Bamidele Shobaloju of Ikotun, PCRC Chairman of Isheri Oshun Police Division also commended the effort of Eze Dr. Chika Nwokedi in capturing the minds of people enough to be made the King of two communities as well as being  wanted by all. He  urges the newly coronated Chiefs to take the mantle accorded responsibly and assume the responsibilities attached to their new status with dignity.

High Chief. Sunday Eze

Speaking with High Chief Sunday Eze, the President General of The Igbo Speaking Community, he told the press present that the Okpoko 1 of Ijegun Ijeododo Community,  Eze Dr. Chika C Nwokedi has been a long time friend of his, a good man and a philanthropist too. When he was brought in for confirmation as an Eze, I didn’t hesitate to do the needful, he noted.
Eze. Nwokedi is the King of two communities, “Ijegun and Ijeododo” , both communities endorsed him as their king and as such he was confirmed to rule those two communities, he said. When asked what kind of person would he advise the igbos to vote for come 2023, High Chief Sunday Eze responded by saying “as the president of a social cultural group, I am meant to be neutral in the choice of a political party to support, but as a former politician before becoming the president of the Igbo speaking community, i would like the jagaban, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be the next president of Nigeria but as a PG of  an Igbo socio cultural group i would prefer a president from the Igbo speaking extraction. He further mentioned that as it is, the Igbo people for a very long time had wanted equity  and justice as he will like to see that play out in the system of today’s govt. He also mentioned that Tinubu has worked so hard enough to be worthy of the position he is to occupy come 2023. Not giving Tinubu the ticket could be a big mistake for APC .

The Ezendigbo of Ijegun Ijeododo Community expressed his happiness over the success of the event as well as advise the new Chiefs of his cabinet to continue to support his good cause towards giving hope to the hopeless.

To sojourn in his reign as a King , Eze Chika  told the press that he will host widows for a start  and gift them with items as his primary focus is to solve rising humanitarian issues especially when it concerns survival. He has sown in the life of countless numbers of people, a philanthropic gesture which has consequently brought him to limelight.

Tuesday March 22, 2022, Eze Dr. Chika Nwokedi subsequently, welcomed widows of all races and tribes  to his Palace to gift them food items and Financial support.

He  promised to always remit to the widows whatever is given to them by individuals or govt as well as Persons who gifts them money or valuables through him.

He  told the widows present that he got some support from his association members too ( Ndi Igbo Buru Otu Association of Nigeria) to bless them with the little available and will always see to their welfare monthly by virtue of his position as Ezendigbo of Ijegun Ijeododo Community.

Widows  applauds the Eze for his kind and humanitarian gesture as they also prayed earnestly for his well being.

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