The House of Representatives Minority Caucus has called on the federal government led by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to apologize for its failures.

In his New Year message to Nigerians, Minority Leader Hon. Ndudi Elumelu urged the APC government to do a deeper introspection, change its corrupt ways, and focus on the well-being of the people ahead of its exit in 2023.

“More importantly, the Minority Caucus advises the APC-led federal government to be remorseful for its failures, to use the New Year for deeper introspection, to change its corrupt ways, and to focus on the people’s well-being ahead of its exit in 2023,” it said.

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Instead of relying on false performance claims, the caucus urged the APC administration to take immediate steps to address poverty, unemployment, high costs, and infrastructural retrogression by growing the productive sector and allowing hardworking and creative Nigerians, particularly youths, to be meaningfully engaged.

It also urged the APC government to reconsider its borrowing binge and reckless debt accumulation, which have piled up a massive economic burden on the country.

“Furthermore, the APC-led government should stop lip service and take proactive measures to decisively combat escalated acts of terrorism under its watch,” it continued. Our citizens have been through a lot, and the New Year should bring them new hope.”

The caucus stated that it will remain unwavering in its demand for accountability and delivery in all aspects of our national life as representatives of the people.

It was noted in this regard that the caucus has established strategic templates for the enactment of critical legislation as well as increased oversight activities to ensure increased productivity, check corruption, plug all areas of waste, and ensure that budgeted resources are used only for the people’s well-being and the development of our country.

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The Minority Caucus insisted on remaining steadfast on issues such as amending the Electoral Act and other matters aimed at ensuring credible, free, and fair elections in 2023, which will usher in a government that truly derives from the people and prioritizes their well-being. All hands must be on deck for this task.

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