Hardship:’Corruption kills nations and Nigeria is dying’- Comrade Prince Saviour Iche calls for resignation of Sen. Akpabio, others…

By Onome Naomi

Founder of Ambassadors of Peace and Enlightenment Foundation ‘AMPEF’ Voice of the voiceless media who doubles as the CEO of “Thentic Beauty Products” Comrade Prince Saviour Iche express disappointment at Federal Government Of Nigeria for portraying ambiguity in her leadership capacity, says the country needs to reboot.

Following the recent trend of Sen. Ningi’s allegation of N3.7trillion budget padding by the National Assembly and his immediate suspension regarded as a desperate move to suppress investigation, conceal, and sweep the facts under the carpet, Comrade Prince Saviour Iche is saying the federal government must be tasked on accountability.

He also stated that there is need for an overhaul of politicians occupying the senate seat, says federal government should be questioned as to why the wealth of the nation is in the hands of designated leaders who are bent on continuous confiscation of the nations wealth through budget padding yet build false hopes that the hardship Nigerians face is as a result of economy reforms.

Iche further said:

The hardship faced by Nigerians is unfortunate, the federal government who claims to protect the well being of her citizens is doing the opposite.

In reference to happenings in the senate, where senators publicly implicate themselves in the budget padding saga, if checks and balances is in accordance, the national budget is meant to cater for the socio-economic factors of the citizens but these senators would rather inflate the budget to remove their percentages and shares.

There was budget in place for senator’s car park, an amount almost higher than yearly Education and health care allocation in the national budget. Owing to this fact, I will say that the present administration of Tinubu is a scam.

Iche faulted the President’s decision to install corrupt politicians who are meant to be in prison, he cited Senate president Akpabio, Uzor kalu, others. Affirmed most of the politicians in government were former governors who served one to two tenure, moved into higher authorities to gain immunity against probing and accountability.

Iche expressed concern over the increased hardship faced by Nigerians, a situation whereby the masses cannot afford food, children are out of school for lack of fees, a country with the highest rate of employment, the shut down of industries for lack of running capital and exorbitant running cost yet leaders in government hoards billions in Naira consistently. Democracy is lost, the corrupt leaders have amassed legislative and judiciary positions, who will then fight justly for us? he questioned.

The Nigerian labour congress who would have been the mouth piece of the masses have been ridiculed for their selfish interest. Senators received 500 million for inconsequential reasons, some trillions of naira was also added to the budget, how then will naira be valued rightly, corruption kills nations and Nigeria is dying, Iche laments.

In lieu of the impeachment plan against Sen. Akpabio, Iche said there is truly need for the Senate president to step down, opinned he is not qualified to assume any sensitive role in leadership. Appeals to president Tinubu not to throw caution to the wind as citizens are heading towards total frustration and helplessness. Meanwhile politicians are busy looting public funds for personal use investing in other countries other than Nigeria.

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Refineries are non functional, despite the availability of natural resources in abundance to sustain the economy. Nigerians leave to neighboring countries where they are being mistreated, all attributed to bad governance. Former administration left a delible mark while the present administration has stretched continuity of maladministration putting corrupt politicians in sensitive positions. It’s a shame on Nigeria, those in power should resign, comrade Iche the ‘voice of the voiceless’ affirms position on state of the nation.

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