Graphic Packaging International Builds Ultra Modern Classroom Block For Methodist Basic School, Ayetoro in Ibadan.

By Onome Naomi Onojaefe

In excitement, the pupils of Methodist Basic School in Ayetoro, Ibadan gladly embraces the MD/ CEO of Graphic Packaging International, Mr. Anthony Fitzpatrick for giving the school of learning a new outlook by providing basic amenities as well as a conducive classroom environment for pupils to experience comfortability.

Anthony stated that it is a social responsibility to create conducive space of learning for the children, in his statement to the press, he noted that all he has decided to do is about the children. He said :

“The essence of this goodwill is to give back to the community, we need to understand that the children are the future and if we look after our children, we look after nigeria and make it a prosperous place. The govt has given us the opportunity that we as a company is giving back to the community because we have received so much.

The project of school renovations by Graphic Packaging started since 2017, we have been doing this within the Ibadan communities where our company resides. it’s going to be a continuous process as we will wholeheartedly provide for schools as well as do projects to enhance learning environment. To give the children a better life for a better future.

Before the project commencement, of course the classrooms were in a bad condition, we fixed some toilets and many other needs but take note, Graphic Packaging isn’t about telling what we do because we do it passionately to lend a hand, we want to do things not because we have to do them.”

Mr. Anthony Fitzpatrick, was decorated with the yoruba native attire while Mrs. Fitzpatrick and members of the management team of the Graphic Packaging International got gifts from the Management team of Methodist Basic School Aiyetoro in appreciation for the show of magnanimity displayed to the children.

The Head Teacher of Methodist Basic School, Mr Oladiti Abimbola Oyeleke, Acknowledges all the guest and dignitaries in attendance of the inaugural event. He could not but express profound gratitude for the opportunity accorded the pupils to have a better learning environment.
Expressing contentment, he said: “Just like a dream, the management of GRAPHIC PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL changes the story of a school establish in 1950 as one of the best in Oluyole Local Government Area.”

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Alhaji Raheem Folagbade, stated during his speech that the company over the years till date has given him the opportunity to adopt a school every year since 2007. He says the project is significant to all other projects because the ultra Modern structure was built from scratch and not renovated like previous projects from other schools that had been sponsored by Graphic Packaging.

Raheem further appreciated the effort of the MD in accolade to the obvious that Graphic Packaging is the most outstanding amongst others who also practises Corporate Social Responsibility. Coupled with building a block of classrooms, the children were also provided with 200 desk, chairs of good quality standard, fencing and wiring of the fences, reformed lavatory and so many other amenities put in place, he said.

NUT Chairman, Mr. Saka Sabitu stated that Graphic Packaging have invariably given back what the community gave as an opportunity, the very essence of having companies in the locality of an area is to bring about development. In reference to points made by the MD, Saka noted that the effort of Mr. Anthony is significantly appreciated in accordance to the roles of welfarism for the children, the leaders of tomorrow.

Saka expressed appreciation to the MD Graphic Packaging and the entire team in general for the level of magnanimity displayed in effort to give the young ones a better life. He urged Other companies to emulate the goodwill established in Methodist Basic School to bring about development, advises all eligible sponsors not to rely on govt alone. Instead, companies should partner with the govt to create development in the area or locality of a community, as it is paramount for children to have good a learning environment, he quipped.

Engr. Adedoja Remi, the engineer who handled the school project also made a short speech, he acknowledged the presence of the MD and his wife for giving the approval of the project, he also appreciated the coordinator he referred to as “superb”, the human resource manager, Mr Bode for seeing the edifice to a conclusion. He said the project commenced on March 27 ,2022 and is inaugurated this day, 6th Dec. 2022, While hoping that the community will manage the project edifice well to say that in a year time, the edifice will still be in good condition.

Mr Dada Tokunbo, the Community Representative, also appreciated the management of Graphic Packaging for their goodwill, prays for elevation. Tagged the new block ‘ Four cardinal project’ Namely: The four classroom block, 6 new toilets, perimeter fence and digging of well.

In his speech, he said:

“We are here to celebrate a magnanimous company that believes in giving part of his proceeds back to the community, graphic packaging and the entire management shall continue to grow from strength to strength”.

Akorede LCDA Political head acknowledges all invited personalities which includes: The Management team of Graphic packaging International, all the community leaders, The PTA chairman and gentlemen of the press. He noted that the inauguration of a block of classrooms and other key projects is a land mark project achieved through Graphic Packaging. He appreciates the company for acknowledging a matching order to render selfless service to humanity through people oriented project and laudable programs of Corporate Social Responsibility. Expresses gratitude for the immense support given as he urged stakeholders and company owners to emulate the good gesture displayed by bringing more development to schools in Ibadan.

Mr. Anthony appreciated his wife and the great management team at the Graphic Packaging for making it possible to create the edifice that had him and his wife able to share the wonderful experience. He says it’s all for the children, they are the most important factor that should be cared for as he thanked all for the opportunity to make the project a reality.

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