Go-Wellness Worldwide Leads Mega Seminar in Lagos, Anambra, Imo, Ibadan, Ogun, Other states….

By Onome Naomi

As part of the project of Go-Wellness Worldwide Limited in collaboration with Ruzu Herbal Limited, makers of Ruzu range of products marketed by the most organized network platform in Africa, the health care provider embarked on a nation’s tour seminar which kicked off in Lagos May 12th, 2024.

On 17th, May 2024, the people of Awka in their numbers received the Go-Wellness team plausibly, the team earmarked for a nation’s tour for the maga seminar enlightened Awka indigene on the need to take care of their health and also leverage on the platform of Go-Wellness to create financial freedom.

Naomi Sophy Blog learnt that Awka attendees of the mega seminar keyed into the Go-Wellness campaign to earn an income while proffering solution for total wellness. Free Ruzu health care products was distributed by the Go-Wellness team to all who participated. The products in its ranges is produced for Illnesses like fibroid, arthritis, rheumatism, low sperm count, high blood pressure, diabetes and other form of illnesses. Subsequently, surveys and test shows that people who have this diverse illnesses got cleared within weeks of usuage like in the case of popular Nollywood actor Prince Emeka Ani.

Speaking with the CEO/MD of Ruzu Herbal Products and Health Care services Dr. Roberts Onyemaechi Uzu, he recounted the progress recorded during the campaign seminar in Awka. Mentioned that there was a peculiar case of a man in Awka who had stroke but after taking Ruzu herbal tea and balm, became better.

Dr Uzu also noted that the Go-Wellness nation’s tour extended to other parts of the East as they sailed from Awka to Owerri, well received by a massive crowd who had eagerly waited to meet with the team particularly to see/experience the ranges of products as well as join the Go-Wellness networking platform to earn an income while selling the products. Says, the mega seminar has commenced in Lagos, Benin city, Fct, Awka, Owerri, Ibadan, Abeokuta and will cover the 36 states of the federation in a short time.

In addition, Dr Uzu said the tour is still on-going and in the coming months, the Go-Wellness team plans to visit all the western and northern parts of country. Advises Nigerians to join the Go-Wellness Worldwide team to benefit from good health and financial freedom.

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In reference to the viral testimony shared by Nollywood veteran Prince Emeka Ani, the actor was well received by his colleagues in Asaba while advertising “The Ruzu Herbal Products”. The crowd embraced his restored health despite travel around the world to seek for viable treatment which proved abortive until he keyed into the usual of Ruzu herbal products. People should celebrate financial freedom and good health by joining the Go-Wellness networking platform, Dr Uzu quipped.

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