Otunba Demola Popoola, a candidate for governor of Ekiti State in the June 2022 governorship election, has ruled out any suggestion of withdrawing from the race, saying that he would not step down for anyone, even if they offered him N200 billion.

Otunba Popoola, who returned his forms to the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Secretariat in Abuja, said he is still the most popular aspirant across all political parties in the race and questioned why anyone would even consider it.

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He promised that Ekiti would experience massive industrialisation, agricultural revolution, and infrastructural development under his leadership, and urged the people of Ekiti to reject any imposition of an anointed candidate.
“Ekiti State has a lot of potential that is currently untapped as I speak with you, and that potential is what I will investigate.” If it is in the field of industry, I intend to establish industries and establish contacts with foreign financial gurus and businessmen who have expressed an interest in supporting Ekiti State.

“They plan to invest $2.1 billion in agriculture as soon as I take over the reins of the State because they believe their investment will be secure.” It’s not that they aren’t safe under Governor Kayode Fayemi, but it’s all about relationships. They plan to construct roads in all of Ekiti State’s nooks and crannies to allow agricultural produce to enter the city. They also plan to construct warehouses and mechanized factories so that farmers can store their produce in the warehouse while they purchase it from them. This money will not be borrowed. It is a financial commitment. The people’s lives will be improved.

“Secondly, in order to address the unemployment problem in Ekiti State, I am confident that we will establish some cottage industries.” Ekiti State is rich in gold. We can set up cottage industries where they can work on the gold and be paid by the Chinese, increasing our revenue in the process. We intend to plug the holes that are causing our revenue to leak.

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“Ekiti is without a doubt the best in terms of education. I’m working with my people, and I believe that if Ekiti can provide free education, that will be a good thing. How are we going to do it? Increase revenue while giving back to our community.”

Popoola said the governor and party leaders, including Niyi Akande, have not said anything about one of the aspirants claiming he has been anointed by Governor Fayemi to succeed him.

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