Aswani Team Makes Debut In Football Tournament, Foster Unity

By Onome Naomi

Variety of athletes display talent in the ongoing football tournament organised by Aswani market management chaperoned by Remigius Donatus Ngharamike, chairman of the market. Players chosen randomly to form group team of A and B is expected to show their best performances to be in the final list of players to represent the popular market in subsequent representations locally and internationally.



The football tournament kicked off on 1st December, 2023 with the yellow team of 6 players namely 042 Enugu in contest with the blue team of 6 players named Pinto FC. Meanwhile the teams merged into A and B expected to play in the football tournament are: 042 Enugu, Orlu Brothers FC, Pinto FC, Remco PG FC, Ibiafegbe FC, Nwa Mama FC.

Players who took part in the commencement of the tournament includes: 042 Enugu – Tobest 9,Miracle 7,Osaze 10, Anyi 44, All die na die 4, Somto 8. Pinto FC -Bizybody 9,Oye 10, Uche 7, Big Pappy 4, Sebastine 10, Akason while Rasheed Ganiu refereed the match.


In the kick off tournament address delivered by Remigius Donatus Ngharamike Chairman Aswani market, he said the purpose of the tournament is to build a formidable team of players to compete locally and internationally. Promises his administration will promote ready players who can deliver remarkable results in football, assures the tournament will be the best of it’s kind as the aim isn’t pursuance of the monetary gains alone but notability, encourages players to showcase their best talent.

In the first half of the 30 minutes in the 60 minutes game, Miracle a number 7 player from 042 Enugu team scored a remarkable first goal against the opponent team within the first 10 minutes of play, while Osaze number 10 player from same team scored a second goal. The second half of the match had corner kicks from both teams but no goals was conceived. The team Players apparently are prepared to take on each other to reach finals in anticipation of the golden cup which will be awarded at the end of the two-week duration of 16 matches.


Interviewing with Naomisophyblog, Remigius Donatus Ngharamike Chairman Aswani market stated that the Aswani tournament was established 3years ago but not as functional as it is now. Reveals plans to make the football tournament in Aswani gain recognition and acknowledgement all around the globe, he also sponsors Remco P. G Fc. Says the popular market is creating applauding awareness by showcasing the calibre of business persons as well as talented football players who can represent the market in tournaments and deliver victory.

Regimius express positivity in the future outcome of the football tournament, says Aswani players will be open to competitions from other markets after the in-house competition. States that his motives and expectations from the tournament is to foster unity amongst tribes as Aswani trading centre is a mixed market of igbos, yorubas and other tribes.

Reveals the local government chairman has been helpful also in the development of the image of the market, affirms plans to renovate. Commends the regime of Hon. Bayo, Isolo local govt. chairman as a solid administration especially in the plans to overhaul the Aswani market. Express content in the remarkable changes to be effected in his regime as chairman of the market, confirm developers will commence work in the 2nd week of December, 2023.

Speaking with Igwe Chinonso Emmanuel, the organising committee Chairman for the Aswani 2023 tournament, he said there is a visible commendable difference in this organization of this years’ tournament as against previous football events . Reveals that the selection of players to fit in the various teams was done by balloting to foster unity amongst tribes as players are not allowed to team up with friends but meet new counterparts, brain storm and deliver a formidable team. Says the officiating is also done professional with no bias.

Chinonso stated that Aswani has a total is 68 players who trains every morning on Thursdays before and after environmental, the players have been divided into teams and groups to play in the 2023 tournament to ascertain outstanding players of 11 in a 24 man team to represent the Aswani team in the nearest future.

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Patrick Chimezie, a lover of football, sponsor of the Pinto FC told Naomisophyblog that the Pinto FC is co sponsored by one Uju to support the boys towards achieving victory in 2023 Aswani football tournament. Affirms belief that his team will do well while he commends the Chairman for incorporating a better font in the 2023 football event in Aswani market to promote unity amongst tribes. Applauds the organisers of the tournament in hope for continuity in the set standards as seen in 2023 football event in Aswani.


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