Troops have been ordered to fight again in the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP). Following a botched rocket attack on Maiduguri by terrorists over the weekend, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) cissued a new wake-up call.

The insurgents attempted to sneak into Maiduguri and overrun the Maiduguri International Airport, according to reports.

Troops, on the other hand, repelled them and confined them to a village on the outskirts of Borno State’s capital.

The insurgents reportedly fired rockets at anything they saw out of annoyance. Troops are said to have mauled many of the insurgents.

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According to a top military source, security in and around Maiduguri had been beefed up as of press time.

The order was given by the Chief of Army Staff during a mop-up evaluation of key military chiefs in Borno State, according to the source.

“Our Army Chief has ordered us to beef up security in and around Maiduguri,” the statement said. He specifically told us that we should go after the ISWAP insurgents. There would be no retreat or surrender from now on until we had smoked them out of Sambisa Forest and their hidden enclave.

“Many of the insurgents were repelled, killed, or fatally wounded by Gallant troops.”

“ISWAP has been angry that their key fighters have surrendered and they have been hurt by their dislodgment from Gwoza,” the source said when asked what prompted the invasion.

“According to intelligence, they infiltrated some villages on the outskirts of Maiduguri. They were thought to have gathered in Duwari, a small village near Maiduguri.

ISWAP terrorists from Duwari, a village near Maiduguri, carried out the attack, according to PRNigeria.

“We suspected they plotted to overrun Maiduguri International Airport by targeting 1,000 Estate and Ngomari Airport Road,” the source continued. They attempted to make the false claim that they are still growing stronger.

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“If you’re familiar with the insurgents’ tactics, you’ll recall that they used to target strategic installations to boost their confidence. The vigilant troops, on the other hand, annihilated them. They got a lot more than they expected.

“In the last 12 hours, security in and around Maiduguri has been increased. They are not in control of anywhere, and they have not taken over Maiduguri, I can assure you.”

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