The Wall Street Journal revealed on Sunday that Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms has commenced moves about incorporating its generative AI model into Apple’s newly revealed AI system for iPhones.

This development coincides with Apple’s intention to integrate AI technology from other businesses onto its devices, following rumors that the company was in talks to join forces with Alphabet’s Google, a longstanding collaborator in search.

The iPhone manufacturer is also anticipated to talk about joint ventures with other AI firms in various countries, such as China, where the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT, funded by Microsoft, is prohibited.

According to the Journal, which cited people with knowledge of the situation, AI firm Anthropic has been in talks with Apple to integrate its generative AI into Apple Intelligence.

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In line with its App Store business model, Apple is allowing AI businesses to offer premium memberships through Apple Intelligence in exchange for a revenue share. This tactic could greatly increase the financial success and spread of AI businesses who collaborate with Apple.

Recall earlier this month that Apple unveiled its eagerly anticipated AI strategy, announcing that ChatGPT will be available on its devices and that new Apple Intelligence technology will be integrated into all of its apps, including Siri.

The company also hinted that it will set itself apart from competitors Microsoft and Google by putting privacy “at the core” of its features.

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