Ani Ikoneto, a 60-year-old herbalist from Calabar, died from injuries sustained when his dog bit off and ate his private parts during the holiday season.

According to neighbors, the herbalist who lived on Jebbs Street in Calabar South went on a drinking binge on Christmas Eve and returned home drunk.

“We had gone to bed when he returned, but some people were still outside.” He went into his room and slept without closing the door, excreting on himself due to too much alcohol.

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“His outside dog smelt the poo and went inside to eat it; in the process, the dog ate his private parts thinking it was meat or part of the excreta,” one of his neighbors, Itoro, told Vanguard.

The herbalist, he claims, raised the alarm, causing neighbors to rush into his apartment and discover what had happened.
“We thought hoodlums had attacked him when we heard him scream. “However, when we arrived, we discovered that his private parts were missing, and his dog had blood on its mouth,” the neighbor explained.

Itoro explained that due to the excreta that covered Ikoneto’s body, he couldn’t be rushed to the hospital and had to be cleaned up first.

“By the time we finished cleaning him of the shit,” she continued, “he was bleeding so badly that he died on the way to the hospital.”

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Ikoneto was living alone, according to the report, because his daughters were married and lived elsewhere.

On Boxing Day, he was returned to his village to be buried.

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