AMPEF seeks IGP intervention over Police Inspector unjustly facing an orderly trial in FHQ Abuja for decisions made by her former DPO and OC

By Onome Naomi

An Inspector of Police, Insp. Amoo Oyeyemi of the FSU Igando Police Division, is being punished and traumatised at the FHQ Abuja over the decision of her former, now-retired DPO, CSP Ekeinde, and OC Family Support Unit, DSP Felicia Akindele, to release a paedophile who allegedly sexually violated his then 8-year-old stepdaughter. 

Subsequently, a case of defilement was reported at the Igando police station, FSU. On October 26, 2023, a complainant named Mrs. Ajike Bolanle Agnes. According to her, the biological mother of the victim, who’s abroad in the United States, asked her to check up on her daughter, sensing all wasn’t right between the kid and her stepfather. Mrs. Ajike visited the home where the stepfather and daughter stay and examined the child and her private area (the vagina), only to discover that the survivor had been dis-virgined by her stepfather after some interrogations.

Mrs. Ajike then reported her findings at the FSU department of the Igando police division that a child has been defiled by her stepdad. The violation began in 2019, when the victim was just 8 years old, and continued until 2023, when she attained 12 years of age, before the discovery that led to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator. The survivor was immediately referred for a medical examination at SARC ALIMOSHO.

Meanwhile, the IPO of the case, which’s facing trial, unjustly narrated that the suspect, KINGSLEY AGUNBIADE, denied the allegation but was detained as the law demands. The perpetrator was detained on Friday and was charged to court on Monday, but the court didn’t sit for sessions until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Inspector Amoo said that when she resumed work, she found out that the suspect had been released by the former DPO, CSP Ekeinde, who is now retired, and the OC Family Support Unit, DSP Felicia Akindele, with claims that the suspect fell ill in detention and was released to his elder brother for medical treatment at the Alimosho General Hospital. This was done without her knowledge, and she couldn’t challenge her superiors but only hoped the suspect would return or face a rearrest.

Amoo stated that both suspect and surety didn’t return to the station; as such, a tracker was initiated, which led to the arrest of the surety, who was then charged to court on March 7, 2024, awaiting trial for May 6, 2024.

Amoo noted that all efforts made to make sure justice was served were futile, as the complaint remained unsatisfied. The complainant then petitioned her ‘Insp. Amoo’ to SCID Panti at the D10 unit. Thereafter, Amoo was invited to the provost office at Force HQ Abuja, where she was detained for 10 days by DCP Hope Okafor (the provost) on May 22, 2023. It reveals she is currently facing an orderly room trial, with several threats from the provost to dismiss or de-rank her.

To this effect, the Ambassadors of Peace and Enlightenment Foundation (AMPEF), a human rights body known for its struggle against inhumanity, is saying:

“It is disappointing that a police officer who is upright and outstanding in her line of duty is being tormented.”

“Lagos State is about to lose one of its capable, experienced officers for her excellent decisions in human rights activities, especially in sensitive cases involving children and family matters. (sexual and gender-based violence).”

“We do not understand the interest of DCP Hope OKAFOR in a matter that’s already in court.”

The AMPEF body revealed via a reliable source that the complainant had been living in DCP BASSEY EWE’s apartment in a joint effort to humiliate IPO Insp. Amoo Oyeyemi.

AMPEF seeks the intervention of Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, in the case of Insp. Amoo Oyeyemi, for her diligence in delivering her delegated duties uprightly and never perverting justice.



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