Alhaja Kaola, A Popular Nigerian Islamic Radio Presenter Expains That Her Ex Husband Is Behind The Release Of Her Sex Tape (VIDEO).

By Onome Naomi

Sex Tape Of Alhaja Kaola, A Popular Nigerian Islamic Radio Presenter Has Been trending on the internet following a threat issued by a blackmailer to release a sex video where she was giving an unknown person a blow job (VIDEO).

Alhaja Kafilat Rufai a.k.a. Alhaja Kaola, a popular radio personality and the creator of Kaola Communications and Kaola Travel & Tours, has published her S3x recording on the internet.

Reports had it that a viral sex video online has Alhaja Kaola, who hosts the Islamic program ‘Albayan with Alhaja Kaola’ on Fresh FM in Ibadan verified that she is the one in the video and blamed the leak on her ex-husband. Sharafa, her ex-husband, allegedly threatened to make public nude images and videos of her, according to Kafilat.

Watch here Alhaja Kafilat’s open admittance to the sex Tape.

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