ACVPN seeks justice over sexual harassment, attempted murder of a 15-year-old by her father’s tenant in Lagos

By Onome Naomi

Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) has charged Nigerian police with fair investigation to ensure justice over the case of sexual harassment, physical assault, and attempted murder perpetrated by one Henry Okezie on his landlord’s 15-year-old daughter Fisayo. The said incident occurred on February 16, 2024, in the Meiran Area of Lagos.

The victim’s aunt who called ACVPN’s attention said, a tenant who recently got married has been sexually harassing her 15-year-old niece. The perpetrator, by name Henry Okezie, is in the habit of harassing her niece and making promises such as marriage proposals. Fisayo, the victim, who is very knowledgeable of the antics of this nature, told her aunt, who had over time educated her about paedophiles.

It all began when the victim, Fisayo, often ran errands for the perpetrator, named Henry Okezie, whose wife is currently pregnant. She noticed Henry’s indecent behaviour towards her and informed her parents about his irresponsible approach. In response, her parents barred her from going on any form of errand for both Henry and his wife, as this is considered a red flag.

The incident leading to Henry Okezie’s arrest happened on February 16, 2024. The 15-year-old victim’s aunt reported to ACVPN that her niece had just finished having a bath and walked into the room naked but was shocked to see Henry at the window staring at her. He asked her to open the door, aware that her parents had gone out. Unfortunately, Henry Okezie has been watching every movement of the victim’s parents in order to strike.

In anger, the victim dressed up and headed straight to Henry Okezie’s wife to report her husband’s sexual harassment, which infuriated Henry, who just wanted to secretly violate her. Henry, in a bid to silence the victim, immediately pounced on her, slapped her severely, lifted a huge stone, and threw it at the 15-year-old, hitting her chest. She passed out and was rushed to the hospital.

Okezie Henry and his wife on seeing the result of their doings, approached the Meiran Police Station to cover their atrocities by reporting unfounded allegations about Fisayo, but were countered by her parents’s report.

The DPO CSP Fawewo of Meiran Division tried to mediate between parties to drop the sexual harassment charges and dwell on the other charges but was declined by both the parents of the victim and ACVPN on the grounds that the leading factor to the incident was as a result of sexual harassment and must be maintained.

Henry, who is currently being detained at the Meiran Police Division, will be transferred to the Gender Unit next Monday for proper investigation and prosecution.

Meanwhile, the doctors battled to revive the victim, who only came to consciousness almost 48 hours after the incident. The victim will require an X-ray to ascertain the level of damage to her chest.

ACVPN is calling on the CP Lagos through the Gender Unit to take over this case because Okezie Henry and his wife must face the wrath of the law for their ungodly acts and irresponsible behavior. Okezie Henry and his wife should be made scapegoats to serve as deterrents to others.

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ACVPN is saying that what Okezie Henry did to the 15-year-old Landlord’s daughter is unpardonable; it’s a crime against humanity and must be treated as such.
Okezie Henry’s conduct is contrary to the;
*The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

*The Child’s Act 2002

*The Lagos State Children’s Rights Law 2007

*The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPP 2015).





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