A Prayer Session Held For Asiwaju Dr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Presidential Bid By Dr. Engr. Oluwaseyi Braimoh, TCM and ABAT Movement.

By Onome Naomi

Dr. Engr. Oluwaseyi Braimoh the Chairman of Amuwo Odofin LGA, organised a prayer session to bid Asiwaju success and long life in the electoral pursuit of the presidential race under the APC platform he chieftains on Saturday, 29th January, 2022. Coordinators of the prayer session includes Tinubu consolidation Movement (TCM) and ABAT Movement. There were dignitaries in attendance as well as party members from the Amuwo Ofofin faction of APC.

The co-ordinator of TCM , Adm. Fadairo Olawunmi Jamiu a.k.a FOJ, the present APC Chairman Amuwo Odofin and Special Adviser to Hon. Oluwaseyi on Market and Revenue gave the press more insight as to why the prayer session was organised and why these groups have come out massively to support Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu without any iota of doubt that he will deliver and make Nigeria Great again.

FOJ told the press that the Movement is a political movement geared towards ensuring the success of Tinubu the Jagaban, come 2023 as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. TCM as he said, was formed 2 years ago solely to persuade Asiwaju to run for presidency being the only one with the prerequisite and the antecedence to deliver or consolidate on the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari, having in mind that mistakes can’t be made this time around as this is the essence of the movement. TCM is presently in the 36 states, 774 LGA and 37 LCDA of the Federation with state and local govt. Coordinators in Nigeria as well as a media partner called Consolidation Agenda, a media partner which serves as a platform to reach out to co- media outlets and practitioners. The media is actively involved in the movement to butress our statusquo on issues relating to sustainable growth and developmental strategies he stated.

Fadairo further talked about the issues at hand which includes oppositions slandering and propagating untrue stories about Tinubu’s wealth. The truth the people refuse to admit remains that Asiwaju made wealth out of nothing other than a humble beginning. He is a man of integrity despite the hullabaloo about how he got his wealth. FOJ made reference to the time when Tinubu governed lagos, how he topped revenues from 600m to the present 40b Lagos alone generates, his resourcefulness, the ability to profer solutions due to his tenacity by “putting the round pegs in the round hole” as paraphrased, he has never been mentioned or caught in any fraudulent practice, instead he has proven himself over the years to be the man Nigeria needs by bringing growth to the economy in Lagos which he governed. Before holding political positions, he worked with Mobil and had worked with International organisations which made him resourceful as against what many thinks of him.

FOJ rated Asiwaju as a man of high performance, he deserves an accolade for so many developmental strategies he created to enhance growth.. For instance , he removed the popular ‘Molue’ buses from the roads of Lagos and replaced with the Luxury buses popularly called BRT and as such redefined the transport system as well as the health care sector, educational sector and initialise the Eko Atlantic creation which upon completion will in turn create millions of job opportunities. Tinubu also created agencies like kai, lastma, Highway Managers just to mention a few, to enhance the performance of governance in lagos state. He gave women the leverage to participate actively in political roles by giving them fair chances to hold key positions. He is also the first political office holder to play detribalised politics by allowing non indigenes to hold sensitive offices in Lagos . The Commissioner of budget is an Igbo man amongst others that are also non indigenes of Lagos.

Tinubu has a midas touch to make things happen as this is reflected in his personal life and the govt. The people of APC are looking forward to take advantage of this noble servant of the masses to move the country to the next level. Nigerians should vote for the man with competence, a man who has given the leverage for growth in lagos thereby making lagos the 5th biggest economy in Africa bigger than Ghana, Togo and Benin put together, a man who practically changed the face of lagos, making it a mega city, a man who brought Dev. To Eko Atlantic city which could create millions of job opportunities, a man that can redefine the oil sector. He advised that people should stop negative comments and face reality , because a person who has created a part in the growth and development of a country, deserves a fair chance to rule and consolidate on the infrastructural development of his predecessors.

Fadairo further stated that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the man Nigerians should yearn for so that the issue of poverty, under development, lack of sustainable power supply, insecurity can be curbed to the barest minimum. Hence, there will be support for small and medium scale businesses , qualitative education and Development Strategies which will enhance growth and create opportunities for the masses. For this reasons, Tinubu Consolidation Movement (TCM) actively participated in the prayer session held as well as reaching the nook and crannies of Nigeria by creating outreaches in all 36 states and LGAs, enlightening Nigerians on the need to make the right choice by Supporting and voting the right candidate for President, Asiwaju Dr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


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