HRH Sunday Ojukwu debunk rumours of sack, replacement as Eze Prosper loses support of Ndigbo as Ezendigbo Festac

….Eze Sunday Ojukwu slams Prosper Chukwuka over self proclamation as Ezendigbo Amuwo-Odofin, debunks rumours of being sacked, replaced ; Sue for peace

By Onome Naomi

Eze Augustine Sunday Ojukwu Eze Udo 11, Ezendigbo Amuwo-Odofin clears air on controversy issues surrounding the supremacy order between himself and the rumoured newly installed Eze Prosper Chukwuka as Ezendigbo Festac in a press conference held on Monday 13th, May, 2024. He said the Local Govt Chairman of Amuwo-Odofin Hon Valentine Bruaimoh has also written to the Lagos state government in Lieu of this and has passed a matching order for Eze Prosper Chukwuka’s posters to be removed from Festac in its entirety.


Eze Sunday Ojukwu revealed that the misunderstanding rumoured by the igbo community is in contrast to the reality on ground. He said subsequently, it is without his notice that an Eze was installed in his jurisdiction of reign in Amuwo-Odofin. However, anyone who parades self as Ezendigbo Amuwo-Odofin is not recognized by the ruling body of Igbo speaking community as affirmed in a letter displayed before the media, written and signed by both Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo speaking Community ruling council in Lagos debunking claims of any installation of a new Eze in Festac.

Eze Sunday Ojukwu gave viable certifications affirming him as Ezendigbo Amuwo-Odofin by both Igbo speaking community and Ohaneze Ndigbo in Lagos. He narrated that his rulership stemmed from becoming the Prime Minister (Onowu) for several years before he was elected Ezendigbo in Amuwo Odofin LG and has ruled for over 5 years. His predecessors, he says handed the mantle of rulership peacefully with the endorsement of the Igbo ruling councils without supremacy tussle as it is now and he’s worked assiduously to earn his recognition not to be overthrown by an imposter.

Ojukwu explained that in situations whereby the Eze manning a Local Govt Area of the state is unable to manage all it’s affair, an Ezendigbo can be installed in the LCDA part of that jurisdiction and will be blessed by the already existing Ezendigbo of that area but none of this has been observed so far, Eze Prosper hasnt come to his palace for blessings and neither has he “Ojukwu” endorsed anyone to either take over or assist in his leadership responsibilities.

Eze Sunday Ojukwu press statement reads;

“The history of the Eze Igbo-ship in Amuwo Odofin Local Government area, Lagos State will never be complete without tracing its origin sequentially to HRH Late Eze Dr. Godian Okwurucheta Dimojiaku (Eze Ogidi), Eze Udo I, who was the first Eze Igbo of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area/Oriade LCDA of Lagos State (2002 – 2019).
He was on the throne and doubled as Eze Ndi Igbo of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area and Oriade, during his reign. High Chief Sir Godwin O.E. Dike, Owelle Ndi Igbo, a reputable man of integrity and a Diplomat (Retired) was the Traditional Prime Minister as well as Honorary Chairman of the Council of Chiefs. My humble self was third in Command as Onowu Ndi Igbo. “

“On numerous occasions, I deputized for the Traditional Prime Minister/Chairman of the Council of Chiefs whenever he travelled out for official duties. Sequel to the demise of HRH, Late Eze Godian Dim Okwurucheta Dimojiaku, his stool became vacant and in accordance with the prevailing Council of Chiefs Constitution, the Traditional Prime Minister, Owelle High Chief Sir Godwin O.E. Dike became the Regend Eze for one clear year, by rights he is next in the line of succession to be crowned Eze Udo II, Eze Igbo Amuwo Odofin. But the Regend Eze Summoned a general meeting informing the Council that in view of his very busy office schedules, he would prefer to remain the Traditional Prime Minister and would like to propose me, then High Chief Augustine Sunday Ojukwu (The ONOWU) to be crowned the Eze Udo II, Eze Igbo of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, he asked if there were any objections but there was none.”

“Despite the lack of contemporaries, the Traditional Prime Minister noted for meticulous administrative acumen proceeded to do the filing of Eze Udo II by appointing a returning officer and an assistant. Threw an open declaration Incase there are other interested persons vying to be the next Eze Udo II, to enable members vote/choose democratically. Myself, High Chief then Augustin Sunday Ojukwu (ONOWU) remain affirmative in my readiness to serve even in the absence of a competitor.”

“Voting was conducted and I was unanimously returned unopposed. The Regend Eze communicated my certified candidature and development to the higher echelons of Igbo Community in Lagos and diaspora who drilled, Screened, found me suitable to be installed. I was issued a certificate to that effect and coronated as custom demands to be the Eze Udo II, Eze Igbo of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area.”

“For the avoidance of any doubt, I am already five years on the throne and have celebrated yearly epical New Yam and Ofala pomp and pageantry/filled festivals with massive turn out of enthusiastic guests cutting across multi-racial and tribal divides from various parts of the world since I mounted the Eze Igbo Amuwo Odofin.”

“My emergence as Eze Ndi Igbo Na Amuwo Odofin was neither by accident nor by chance but merited and ordained. The kingdom from then till now has remained peaceful and progressive.”

“My address today is prompted based on the viral video making rounds online in respect of the false and rumoured reports that I Eze Sunday Ojukwu the Eze Ndi Igbo Amuwo Odofin by Igbo Speaking Community was sacked and replaced by Eze Prosper Chukwuka.”

“I use this medium to inform Ministry of Local Government and Chieftains Affairs Lagos, All Lagos State Security Agencies, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Chairman, Ndi Oba, Ndi Bale, Ndi Eze, Ndi Onowu, Ndi Ichie, High Chiefs, Umu Ada, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Igbo Speaking Community and all Ndi Igbo Na Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Lagos that there is no cause for alarm and no need to fight for the position of Eze Ndi Igbo (Eze Udo II) Na Amuwo Odofin which is neither vacant nor in contest. I also urge everybody to remain calm and resolute while discharging their normal daily activities as law abiding citizens.”

“As a custodian of Igbo Tradition and Culture in Amuwo Odofin Local Government, I don’t have any grudge against any person or persons for any reason whatsoever and therefore advice all and sundry to allow peace to reign.”

Chief Cosmos, Barr.Chidi Njoku who are members of Ezendigbo Amuwo-Odofin council of chiefs confirmed the radicality of Eze Prosper Chukwuka, says he’s a misfit and not the people’s choice to impose self as Eze without proper protocols observed. They said he was coronated in surulere but wants to forcefully claim Amuwo-Odofin an unachievable task.

As at the time of this report, The Igbo speaking community president Chief Sunday Udeh who was rumoured to have certified and installed Eze prosper Chukwuka as Ezendigbo Festac was not available to affirm or debunk the allegation levelled against him.

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Present at the press conference is Assistant provost of council of Ndi Ezes in Lagos, Ezendigbo Iba, council of Chiefs of Ezendigbo Amuwo-Odofin palace

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