Iwaji: Obi Eziokwu Palace Extends Cabinet Chiefs, Confers Title on 5.

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Subsequent report by Naomi Sophy Blog on the Iwaji/Iriji festival reveals that the yearly celebration is met with series of activities to commemorate a new yam season. One of such is the pre-event party and coronation of cabinet chiefs usually observed yearly by the palace of Eze Chika Nwokedi, Okpoko 1, Ezendigbo Ijegun Ijeododo, Chairman council of Ezes in Lagos.

This celebration of the new yam brings together the igbos from far and near and is observed even by those in diaspora in appreciation of the gift of life. Being alive to see another year of planting and harvesting season of the King of all crops is perceived to be a good omen brought by the masculine crop”YAM”.

The Iriji commenced on the 17th, September 2023 with a coronation ceremony of about 5 Igbo speaking individuals from diverse areas of specialisation to be confered with titles in extension of the cabinet members of Obi Eziokwu palace in Ijegun Ijeododo by Eze Chika Nwokedi to worthy members of the palace and beyond.

Speaking about the Title men coronated, Lolo Tessy gave an insight as to her roles in the conferment process, she said it is significant that the wives of the newly coronated cabinet chiefs is adorned by the Lolo of that kingdom dutifully but she does not have the capacity to place the traditional cap on the head of these wives only the king himself is entitled to do this. Said it’s a man’s honor to fit the caps on the heads of the titled men’s wives.

The conferment of title and certification for 5 individuals includes:Chief Abiakam Okey Casmir, High Chief Dr. Anthony Owoh Ben, Chief Mrs. Nkiruka Ugwu, Prophetess Oby Aleabo, High Chief Chuka Christian Mekaowulu….

All traditional rights and protocols to the conferment was duly observed as each recipient gets adorned with the traditional beads as well as staff of authourity. Upon the completion of the coronation, the recipients had a media chat with the press…See details:

Chief Abiakam Okey Casmir,expressed gratitude for being found worthy to be conferred with a title by HRH Chika Nwokedi, the Ezendigbo Ijegun Ijeododo on the day of the new yam festival. He mentioned that the title given to him is a motivator and challenge to do better in giving back to the society. Said the meaning of the title conferred on him is ” The gathering by a baby to help the elderly” , says Eze Nwokedi is a good man and he will use the title given sparingly to promote peace and magnanimity.

Okechukwu’ s wife Serishma Abiakam expressed gratitude for the conferment of chieftaincy title bestowed on her husband, says she will use this opportunity to advise women to be a strong shield beside their husbands to further help build a better focus in the responsibilities that comes with the new position attained.

High chief Chuka Christian Mekaowulu, the chief security officer of Ojo Alaba International General Market was given the title “Oboli Lilu Agu 1” as his personality implies, says he is fearless and brave like the animal skin he wears as a representation. Says he will use the conferment judiciously by also influencing the youths positively, he also noted that the coronation is rid of idols and fetish practices a reason he embraces it with pride and confidence. He also revealed that the Iriji is a traditional practice from the place of origin and must be observed before yam is consumed. Eze Chika is a wonderful ruler, describes him as God sent while he expressed total admiration for him, prays for a long life.

Prophetess Oby Aleabo a long time member of HRH Chika Nwokedi’s fold was also coronated as the Nnu’ku Ezewanyi of Ijegun Ijeododo. Says the meaning of the title is ” A special woman of God” as she explains why tradition should be duly observed, noted that it is associated with the origin of birth of persons from a particular culture. She also revealed to pressmen during the 5mins interview granted that she was ordained from her mother’s womb to possess the act of healing which has further spurned her into founding a healing ministry which is also in accordance with the title conferred on her. She particularly emphasized that receiving a chieftaincy title is in line with tradition and a link with her calling as long as there is no fetish practice involved.

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Gave an insight to why Iriji is observed, says it is a special occasion that the Igbos observe to thankGod for life and a new season before the new yam is consumed. Described Eze as a good man, said the crown he wears as a king is a prophecy come true, God has ordained it to be so.

More photos of those confered with a chieftaincy title:


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