Lagos police arrest suspects behind the killing of one Mr Sanni Adeniyi.

…..Recovers a total of three (3) firearms, six (6) live cartridges, six (6) expended ammunition, six (6) live ammunition, and military gear.

By Naomisophyblog

Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested three notorious suspects behind the dastardly murder of Mr Adeniyi Sanni which occurred between 1am and 2am on August 5, 2023 robbery.
The arrest of the suspects one Fred Azeez Okunnu ‘m’ aged 43, Lucky Idudu Micheal ‘m’ aged 33 and Adedigba Segun ‘m’ aged 26 follows weeks-long painstaking, diligent and discreet intelligence and investigative sets of actions.

Items recovered from the suspects are one Brownie pistol with 3 rounds of live ammunitions, one Beretta pistol with 3 rounds of live ammunition, one locally made cut-to-size pistol with 6 live cartridges, six expended cartridges, military gear (military camouflage vest, military jungle hat, military holster, jungle boots), and one Red Honda CRV with reg no EKY 276 JD, also hijacked from a yet to be identified victim.

Investigation revealed that this gang which is being armed by one Alhaji (based in Benin Republic) specializes in robbing motorists of their unregistered vehicles. The gang have been successful in five previous operations. Their modus operandi includes stationing one gang member some meters from Berger bus stop to spot unregistered vehicles. The spotter then calls his gang members who are dressed in military fatigue and stationed somewhere around Berger bus stop to inform them of the approaching vehicle. Once they stop their victim, they request for the vehicle custom papers, as they would need to clear security and customs checks. In this incident, after seeing the papers, they insisted on taking their victim to their base.

Once they entered the vehicle, it dawned on Mr Sanni that they were robbers. He called out for help, which made the robbers shoot him thrice and further stabbed him. They dropped his corpse by the roadside and drove to Kuto, Abeokuta where they cleaned up the blood stains in the rear seats of eh vehicle and later same night proceeded with the vehicle to the border town of Chikunda in Kwara State where the criminal receiver took delivery of the car. The suspects adopted the use of military fatigue to beat checkpoints
Further investigation has revealed that the said Alhaji has other cells operating across the country. Being a transnational crime, the Command is involving the Interpol for the apprehension of this criminal receiver and financier.

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The place of drugs in all of this must not be omitted as the criminals were high on drugs each time they went out for an operation. It is also noteworthy that the judicial system has not helped as all of these suspects have been arrested before for similar crimes and were arraigned. It is sad to find them again free but more hardened. With each freedom they get after prison, they become deadlier and more brutal, in addition to expanding their criminal network.

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