Iwaji: Eze Chika Nwokedi host Igbo groups in Ijegun Ijeododo, promotes unity.

…Igbo speaking, Ohaneze Ndigbo executives of Ijegun Ijeododo appreciates HRH’s goodwill

By Onome Naomi 

“To whom much is given much is expected”, This is a Bible verse in Luke 12:48 which stands as a prompter surrounding the magnanimity and efficacy of Eze Dr Chika Nwokedi, Ezendigbo Ijegun Ijeododo in carrying out leadership roles and responsibilities towards the people.

The non tribalist Ezendigbo of Ijegun Ijeododo made a pre-event of Iwaji “New yam festival” to host the Ohaneze group, Igbo speaking community, cabinet chiefs, their wives and a host of other persons of interest on 16th September,2023.

There were lots of recipes to eat and merry which elicited gladness in the hearts of many. The act of magnanimity displayed by HRM Chika Nwokedi is done to give back to the society the opportunities accorded to him. He preaches equity and fairness and as such will always extend a heart of kindness where necessary to buttress the act of giving.

HRH Chika told Naomi Sophy Blog that in lieu of his now observed Iwaji event, he got donations of livestock (4 cows) from supporters. Says he is set to give back to the society what he got as a gift which is the very essence of hosting of the Igbo groups. He revealed that 3 out of the livestock( Cows) will be shared amongst this groups as appreciation for their utmost cooperation and acceptance of his reign to lead the igbos in his jurisdiction of rulership.

Igbo speaking, Ohaneze Ndigbo executives of Ijegun Ijeododo appreciates HRH’s goodwill – See details…

Speaking with the General secretary of Igbo speaking community and assistant financial secretary of Igbo speaking community Mrs Patricia, she had only but praises and prayers for HRH Chika Nwokedi, said he is a man to be reckoned with and be proud of. She expressed admiration for his benevolence and the fear of God in him to always do what’s right. She further said unlike other Igbo rulers who takes pleasure in pressurizing igbos for extortion, Eze Chika is different, he gives the needy more than he even receives. She gave instances where traditional rulers of Eze Chika’s status has taken landed properties from widows instead of protecting them against invaders, oppressors & extortionist but Ezendigbo Ijegun Ijeododo can never be seen or heard oppressing the less priviledged.

PRO of Igbo speaking community Ijegun Ijeododo Mrs Mercy Nweke said the hosted party is mainly to appreciate the Igbo speaking community, Ohaneze and others for their utmost cooperation in trusting his leadership capacity to govern over them. Describes HRH Chika as a man of dignity and honor, says he does things out of his free will, needs no permission or direction from anyone to actualize a good purpose. He will always encourage people to do good and then appreciate them for their effort, she said.

Mrs Oge Barnabas, the woman leader of Igbo speaking community Ijegun Ijeododo said the host of the Event HRH Chika Nwokedi invited members and executives of Igbo speaking groups to appreciate them by means of giving. As a giver, HRH can also be described as kind, caring and loving towards Igbo individuals and even non igbos. She also said he carries people along on his plans and actions while she prays for his long life, fulfilled heart desire and answer to his secret tears.

The PRO of Ohaneze Ndigbo Emmanuel Ikechukwu described the host as a cheerful giver, says he is one of a kind as his exemplary life style makes him a unique amongst other Ezes. He stated that the leadership of Eze Okpoko in Ijegun Ijeododo is one to be emulated, says he is worth being crowned as the overall ruler of igbos if given the opportunity. Ikechukwu further described HRH as a burden bearer as well as a courageous mouth piece of the people, advises other Ezes to emulate the positive impact Eze Chika creates in the lives of people, urges other Igbo speaking individuals who haven’t joined the fold to do so, so as to benefit from the goodwill HRH bestows.

Çhief Martins Chigozie, Chairman of Ohaneze Ndigbo Ijegun Ijeododo said the preparation of the Iwaji festival starts from the pre-event ceremony being observed. HRH Chika had created the pre-event ceremony to appreciate the Igbo speaking community, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Cabinet chiefs and wives of Ijegun Ijeododo palace with livestock (Cow meat). Described HRH Chika as a man with a good heart who seems it necessary to freely give without a hold back, advises other Ezes to follow suit and work for the progress of the people not for their pockets. Prays for his long life.

Mrs Ngozi Obodozie, Woman leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo Ijegun Ijeododo said HRH invited the Igbo groups to celebrate with him on the occasion of the Iwaji by hosting a pre-event. She noted that in her course of meeting with top Igbo speaking traditional rulers, not even one is close to being as magnanimous as Eze Chika. Says God has nominated Igwe to rule the igbos in Ijegun Ijeododo for a purpose, he is a selfless leader unlike others and that’s why he doesn’t plan for occasions but when the time comes he gets all the financial support needed without much ado due to his generosity towards the people as he faces his responsibilities to the people squarely, Ngozi said.

Pst. MrsTessy Chika Nwokedi, Queen Ugoeze, Adakada 1 of Ijegun Ijeododo said the significance of the gathering of Igbo groups on the eve of Iwaji is a pre-event to the Iwaji which took place on 17th September, 2023. It’s a way of thanking God for a new season and appreciating the bounty harvest of the king of all crops’YAM’. She said yam signifies abundance, prosperity, progress, fruitfulness, people celebrates the festival because it’s an open door for many blessings. The pre-event ceremony for the new yam festival will be a continuous function as this will draw igbos into the fold to unite as one, she said.

HRH Chika told Naomi Sophy Blog that the essence of hosting the Igbo groups, his cabinet chiefs and wives is a promise he will always fulfill every year as he celebrates Iwaji. This time around, he donated 3 cows to be shared across all persons of Igbo speaking groups in accordance with giving back to the society.

He further revealed that his act of giving dated back to his childhood days where he will give his food out to his age group rather than satisfy himself alone, this act had been a part of him since his early years in life. Furthermore, he loves touching lives with giving as he uses the medium of the hosting to encourage Igbo speaking individuals to be part of the various Igbo groups so as to benefit from magnanimously from the goodwill he will frequently give as a self imposed duty to the people.

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HRH Chika stated that his mission and effort so far as a king is to unite all igbos to be one and the idea of giving livestock to groups in his jurisdiction of leadership started since his coronation as a king and will be met with continuity for a long period of time.

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