Ekpa warns oil companies against ignoring sit-at-home order

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The self-acclaimed leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Simon Ekpa, has warned oil-producing companies operating in the South-East against ignoring the Monday sit-at-home order.

Ekpa urged the companies to disregard information circulating that the sit-at-home order has been called off.

In a video shared on his X, (formerly known as Twitter) handle, he warned that oil companies heeding the false claims of the sit-at-home cancellation and resuming operations would face severe consequences.

He said the only authority recognised by the Biafran people to make such a decision is the Biafran government in exile.

He, however, added that the sit-at-home order would not be called off until their demands are met

He said the demands include the release of Nnamdi Kanu and other conditions for the autonomy of Biafran territories.

“Good afternoon, good morning Biafrans all over the world.

“This particular message goes to the oil-producing companies in the world operating within Biafran countries from Shell down to the lowest.

“Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the expelled criminals in the Biafran movement are circulating to oil companies that there is nothing like sit-at-home.

“I want to put it as a warning, every oil company in the Biafran territory, the only government that is operational, functional and that is legit and to which the Biafran people are loyal to is the Biafran government in exile to which I am the prime minister.

“We have not called off any sit-at-home. We have not canceled the sit-at-home. We have not gotten our freedom. Nnamdi Kanu has not been released. The demand in the letter we wrote to you people has not been met.

“So if anybody comes to you to tell you that the sit at home has been canceled and you start operation, I swear with the spirit of those that died in the 60s that from that day you will not be able to produce or exploit any oil in the Biafran.

“We are going to face all of you from A-Z because of the money you are projecting into the economy of Nigeria that they are using to buy arms and jets to come to bombard us. So, we are going to stop them by stopping you.

“We have not gotten to you but we are coming. So, what I’m trying to say here is that the Biafran government has not canceled the sit-in at home. The sit-at-home continues until the demands in our letter are met.

“Tomorrow being Monday, the oil producing companies, you must make sure you shut down the production until the 18th of this month. And every Monday sit at home.

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“If you open, you are going to have the Biafran people to contend with. We own the land, not you. You are exploiting oil from our land. We own it. You don’t own the oil and you don’t own the land. You may have the contract and agreement with the Nigerian government and that is still under review.”

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