@51: Guests shower Eze Chika Nwokedi with encomium as he celebrates.

By Onome Naomi

Eze Dr. Chika Nwokedi chairman council of Ezes in Lagos, Ezeokpoko 1, Ezendigbo Ijegun Ijeododo celebrates his 51st birthday in a grand style with dignitaries and royalties in attendance.


Guests who graced the occasion are: Chief& Lolo Owoh A. Ben, Prosper Chinedu, Chief&Lolo VC Uzoh ( Onwa Ikwano Obodoukwu) Onowu&Lolo Emeka, Ezenwa Ikenna, Prince Oloye, Bishop Anene Nwachukwu the general overseer of Rhema Deliverance Mission, Chief Dr. Eneh Ifeanyi Eze, CEO of Good God pharmaceutical, Rev. Dr Moses C. Okwuosa, Chief and Lolo Godwin Ogbuka, other Cabinet Chiefs, press men and other notable guests.

The colourful occasion of glitz and glam commenced with an opening prayer from Prophetess Obi Aleabo as traditional prayers ( Breaking of colanut) was also observed by Chief VC Uzoh. The guest were thrilled with comedy jokes by Comedian Young Prince as guests trooped in from different works of life to celebrate with Eze Chika Nwokedi, an icon of great repute.

Eze Chika Nwokedi is a well celebrated royalty for his magnanimity and simplicity with persons of all races and tribe without segregation or tribalism. As a man of the people, he has tried in many ways to fight for humanity which has earned him a place in the heart of many.

Encomium from VIPs:

Bishop Anene Nwachukwu, Eze Dr CC Nwokedi & wife Lolo Tessy Nwokedi
Bishop Anene Nwachukwu, Eze Dr CC Nwokedi & wife Lolo Tessy Nwokedi

Speaking with Bishop Anene Nwachukwu, the General Overseer of Rhema Deliverance Mission who was also a special guest at the occasion, he prayed for the celebrant Eze Dr. CC Nwokedi, cabinet chiefs and other guest present at the occasion. Anene appreciates the celebrant for his goodwill, says he is a man of many parts – an indefatigable royal father, indomitable, pragmatic and versatile man, a mortal being with amiable qualities. He further described the celebrant as a man who carries the burden of others on his shoulders to proffer solution irrespective of tribe or religion, a philanthropist who has touched many lives in great measures, a man who derives joy in giving to the poor, encourages all to emulate his philanthropic lifestyle, describes him as a man of honour.

Chief Dr. Ifeanyi Eneh

Chief Dr Ene Ifeanyi Eze, the legal adviser of Ijegun Ijeododo palace also described Eze Chika Nwokedi as a man of peace and transparency, non tribalistic Igbo royalty with a touch of class and intelligence. The transparent style of rulership adopted by Eze Nwokedi has helped him thus succeed in carrying out his royal duties without a fuss. Advises him to continue in his good deeds in maintaining his assistance to the widows ,the community and friends who have benefitted immensely from his magnanimity, wishes him long, prosperity and more strength to continue to lead the people of his community.

Queen Pst Dr. Tessy Chika Nwokedi, Ugoeze, Adakada One of the Igbo decent
expressed gratitude over the birthday celebration of her husband, says the significance of the yearly observed celebration is to thank God for a life of fulfillment. As a man of the people, his royal commitment to serve the people earned him a general acceptance in the community even before he was coronated, his magnanimous act continued to increase over the years as he makes it a point of duty to bless the widows and the less priviledged even beyond his jurisdiction of rule. His act of magnanimity cannot be quantified, she said. He is a peace maker, a disciplined husband, a man of the people and a royal father of wisdom.

Lolo described her husband the celebrant as a peace maker and that’s why he is generally acceptable and respected. He is also a quick responder to people’s issues regardless of the inconveniences involved, wishes him long in good health.

Chief VC Uzoh & Wife

Chief VC Uzoh also expressed his profound wishes for the celebrant, he said Eze Nwokedi is a brother with a large heart, he exhibits unique leadership qualities that stands him out amongst his peers, wishes him long life in good health.

Appreciation & Thanksgiving statements made by Eze Dr. Chika Nwokedi:

Thanked the guest for seeming it fit to honour his private ceremony, said his good deeds have paid off for him as guest showered him with monetary gifts and attendance. He told the pressmen who graced the occasion that he always observe the day of his birth significantly because it’s a day to be thankful to God, he said” He who is dead has no opportunity to thank God for life” and as such, celebrating a special day such as this creates more hope for greater things to happen as the year goes by.

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Eze Chika also stated that the New yam festival observed yearly from his palace is slated for September and will be unique as he will be hosting 170 widows as well as the less priviledged as done in subsequent times.

See video from the interview with the press:


See some photos from the event:

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