Passenger Caught Stealing Onboard Air  Abuja-PHC Flight

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Another robbery incident in a domestic flight has been recorded as Air Peace announced that a passenger was caught after stealing N1 million kept in a bag in the overhead locker.

The airline in a statement yesterday, disclosed that a passenger, Mr. Vitalis Nwabuzor on-board Abuja-PHC flight (P47192) on July 27, 2023, stole the sum of N1 million but was nabbed afterwards.

 Spokesperson of Air Peace,  Stanley Olisa, said Nwabuzor stole the said amount contained in a brown envelope but was caught by the owner of the money with the intervention of the airline’s staff.

“During the flight, Nwabuzor took another passenger’s computer bag from the overhead cabin, took the brown envelope containing the money, put the computer bag in another luggage compartment and moved to an empty seat at the back of the aircraft.

“He was one of the first few to disembark despite the announcement of proper disembarkation sequence by the crew. He was eventually caught and the money retrieved from him. Different currencies in different denominations were found on him”, the statement said.

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The passenger was handed over to the security operatives of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) for onward transfer to the Police for further investigations. The police confirmed to have released him on bail and said the chance of prosecution was slim as the owner of the money is unwilling to follow up.

Olisa stressed that Air Peace staff would continue to be security conscious and urged passengers to be more careful with their personal items on board flights.

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