Igbo youth leader cautions Eze Chris Offia to desist from parading self as Chairman Ndi Eze Council Lagos.

By Onome Naomi

Dr. Okechukwu Ezuegbunam and Eze Chris Offia in Picmix
Dr. Okechukwu Ezuegbunam and Eze Chris Offia in Picmix

The Igbo youths in Lagos through their leadership is audaciously opposing the claims of Eze Chris Offia, Ezendigbo Ibeju Lekki parading self as the Chairman of Ndi Eze Council in Lagos. Attention has also been drawn to the sabotaging traits exhibited towards his fellow colleagues in the council of Ezes as the Igbo youths strongly condemns this act.

Chief Dr. Okechukwu Uzuegbunam, the Chairman Igbo speaking community ikotun igando lcda / Pres. Youth Leader Igbo Youth in Alimosho under the chairmanship of Chief Sunday Eze has refuted claims made by Eze Chris Offia addressing self as chairman of Ndi Eze in Lagos when his tenure has whollistically expired and another leader inaugurated.

Uzuegbunam as the mouth piece of the Igbo youths in Lagos condemns Eze Chris effrontery of forcefully exercising a position he no longer is found worthy to hold after expiration as this is tantamount to impersonation. It has been duly noted that Eze Chris Offia is the past chairman while the newly inaugurated chairman is Eze Dr. CC Nwokedi officially , says the new office should be respected not abused. Eze Offia was then inaugurated by Chief Solomon Aguene but his tenure has expired, hence he should stop parading himself as the chairman, council of Ndi Ezes in Lagos, he quipped.

Uzuegbunam stated that the current president of Ohaneze High Chief Sunday Ossai instituted a new chairman Eze Dr. Chika Nwokedi upon the expiration of the former Chairman of Ndi Eze council Eze Chris Offia. The Igbo youth leader buttressed that the new govt of Ohaneze in Lagos commenced with significant changes which is paramount for the smooth running of an organisation and as such gave new leadership positions to befittingly merited persons who can efficiently manage the affairs of the council.

Uzuegbunam further said in quote that:

“Eze Chris Offia in his claims as Chairman of Ndi Eze council Lagos had denounced an airing Eze of Ajao Estate, Eze Nwajiagu saying that he isn’t recognised as an Eze and was never coronated, describing him as being fake due to some utterances that led to the confinement and charges levied against him for his misguided utterances about inviting ipob to Lagos to guide the igbos against intimidation of any sort by other tribes. The self acclaimed Chairman of Ndi Ezes reason for this denouncement can also be seen as a sabotage to the council as the airing Eze fulfilled all rights needed to be crowned and should be recognised even during his crisis as that is termed solidarity despite the condemnation of his act.

As a former Chairman of the council he is in no position to make declarations he has no authority over. His continuous pose as Chairman Ndi Eze Council in Lagos is firmly opposed by the Igbo speaking community due to his expired tenure.”

In an article dated May 16th by News Planet International, the publication established the stands by Ezes in Lagos confirming the new leadership of Eze Chika Nwokedi as the authentic chairman of Ndi Eze Council in Lagos.

The youth leader of Igbo speaking Dr Okechukwu Uzuegbunam reaffirms this fact while he cautions Eze Chris Offia to desist from parading self as Chairman Ndi Eze Council Lagos. He said Eze Chris was never appointed or elected and can never assume that position due to the constitution governing Ohaneze affirming that the president and Chairman can’t be from same eastern state (Enugu).

On this note, Uzuegbunam calls on the BoTs to bring Eze Offia to question over his blackmail, instigation and propagation melted out on his fellow Ezes. It is noted that the arrest of Eze Nwajiagu was based on Eze Offia’s treacherous Instigation to the Lagos state governor in probing a mere talk which was termed as “Inciting”. The igbos should disregard his claims as he is seen and known to be a traitor.


The Igbo youth leader also calls on the support of all igbos in Lagos and diaspora to continually support the newly elected chairman of Ndi Eze in Lagos State HRH Eze Dr. Chika Nwokedi based on leadership qualities,his capacity to keep peace and unity as well as the astonishing record of his achievements even before he was coronated a king👑 and thereafter.

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