Self Acclaimed Journalist, Serial Blackmailer Remanded in Prison.

By Naomisophyblog

Mr. Chukwudi Samuel popularly known as a photographer who parades self as a journalist, publisher of apexreporter as he fondly introduces self has been remanded in Kirikiri prison for series of alleged blackmail melted out on one Eze Chika Nwokedi and another High Chief Sunny Akpoyibo.

The deformation of character melted out on this personalities is one grievous enough to tarnish the image and reputation of these two.

Absorbed in his own euphoria, Chukwudi Samuel had over time stepped on the toes of many by simply deforming their reputation, commit blackmail for small financial gains, a way of amassing wealth.

A number of times he had accused some persons falsely and led them into prison for a crime they didn’t commit but had fallen prey to Chukwudi Samuel’s antics of blackmail to extort money, if these terms of extortion isn’t met, he will simply work these unfortunate individuals into an allegation that will further foster arrest and remand.

The issue which gave rise to this antecedent dated back to 2018, when HRH Chika Nwokedi contested for governorship position in Imo state, during one of his travels from Lagos to the East, he was accosted by NDLEA upon a tip off from Chukwudi Samuel accusing the claimant of being in possession of hard drugs. After a search and investigation he was found innocent of the allegation, cleared of created falsehood and deformatory antecedents. Chukwudi Samuel also during the years and recently had concocted false stories about the Eze thereby inciting inter tribal unrest between the Oba of Ijegun and the Eze of Ijegun Ijeododo by simply planting hate in the mind of the Oba which had led him to perpetrate some unlikely attitude towards the non tribe in that region.

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Furthermore, he prides self in challenging the authority of Eze Chika Nwokedi by creating public speeches and viral whatsapp messages to destabilize the regard accorded by the Igbos to the claimant, in some of the cases, he would simply tell people lies to demean his eminence of his royal capacity as seen in recent episodes.

There are evidences of his audio WhatsApp messages concocted to breach public peace in an enabling environment full of jolly fellows.

As for Chief Akpoyibo the other defamed personality, Chukwudi Samuel will not thread softly when it comes to his target’s denial of financial assistance when asked. He will Inturn find a way to blackmail you into dancing to his whims as in the case of Chief Sunny Akpoyibo. He accused his eminence of doing money ritual with the aim of using him(Chuks) to carry out his ritualistic prowess which High Chief didn’t take likely.

These seemingly unbecoming character has led this two personalities to approach the court for a redress of Chukwudi Samuel’s doings as it is becoming a menace.

The defendant, Chukwudi Samuel was arrested and appeared before the judge today 24th March, 2023 at the Ejigbo magistrate court. After the hearing, he was fined N300, 000 for his bail and two sureties in likesome, until his bail is perfected he will be remanded in Kirikiri correctional centre in Lagos.

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