AMPEF seeks probe of Yakubu Mahmood by EFCC, DSS – Says 355bn to conduct 2023 Election is a waste of public funds.

By Onome Naomi

INEC Chairman, Yakubu Mahmood
INEC Chairman, Yakubu Mahmood

AMPEF, a human rights organization in Nigeria expressed total dissatisfaction in the just concluded 2023 election in both states and presidential race, says INEC chairman lacks integrity. The election is stated by many as incorrigible taking into note 355bn cost for conduct allocated to get a credible outcome.

The convener of AMPEF, Comrade Saviour Iche said INEC as a body has been rated below average having spent 355bn to conduct 2023 Election yet has no iota of credibility in its dealings, rather the country has faced immense ridicule for lack of integrity and maneuvering displayed to the amazement of the world. He said INEC chairman, Yakubu Mahmood was given enough time to prepare for the election with solid equipments as well as enough manpower to discharge duties diligently and credibly but had a reverse to its case.

He further said, 98%percent of Nigerians had a100% trust in INEC due to the initial assurances proclaimed especially during Chatham House visit in London where INEC Chairman explained the modalities of operation for 2023 Elections as well as an amendment of the law on 2023 electoral act signed by the present administration. All of this measures gave a rising hope to Nigerians that the election will be free and fair, a hopeful situation which also gave rise to active participation from the young and old as they all moved out enmass in the voting exercise to choose their preferred candidate as it’s being done in other countries.

General Assessment By AMPEF

Over the years there has been a general belief that electorates votes do not count but with assurances from INEC on the preparedness of 2023 presidential and state governorship elections, all came out to vote having in mind that the vote will count. A sordid observation did show that people had to pay for their PVCs but wasn’t deterred with the hopes that there is need for a new Nigeria. Nigerians in diaspora also participated actively by coming into the country to exercise their votes with hopes that these votes will count.

The presidential result was not transmitted live but the senate and house of Representatives results was transmitted live which raised a lot of questioning as to why the BVAS failed to transmit the presidential election, the credibility of INEC chairman has been put to question. This had led to a low turnout of electorates in the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections conducted, due to loss of hope on INEC for fairness.

INEC chairman also violated some electoral act by compelling state coordinators to announce falsified results, some who didn’t adhere to this antics were kidnapped while others were compelled to do their master’s bidding. The choice of who wins and losses is determined by INEC and not the votes by electorates, there were also samples of falsified result sheets all over the internet, a total display of shame which is visible to the world to further mock the administrative system of FG.

The world was eager to see the electoral promises, the process which could have been emulated as a reference point by countries but instead was ridiculed due to corruption, lack of efficiency and lack of integrity by INEC who has woefully failed Nigerians.

The question is,
Why was Nigerians made to go through the rigors of getting the PVC when votes will not count?

Why did INEC subject Nigeria, the giant of Africa to mockery by holding a caricature of an election, an open display of corruptible practices?

The Brusque Request

AMPEF Demands that EFCC should proceed in probing INEC Chairman, to tell Nigerians how 355bn public funds was utilized if Nigerians still couldn’t even get a credible election. DSS should as well proceed without delay to arrest INEC chairman, Yakubu Mahmood and his Co empires who has taken Nigerians for a ride by making a mockery of the giant of Africa. This lack of credibility has led to the looming crisis we see with other affected or cheated parties who had proceeded to court for a redress of the falsified figures in votes.

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Corruption in the system has given rise to a manipulated election outcome as well as the real cause for money scarcity.

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