2023 Election: Traditional Rulers Meet For Strategic Planning To Forestall A Peaceful Electoral Process In Ojo. 

… As Oba Sulaimon Raji Ashade enumerates the areas of focus, charges residents to speak in one voice, gives room to  for opinions and suggestions by attendees. 

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Traditional Rulers in Ojo locality converged at the Oba of Iba’s palace, Oba Sulaiman Raji, Ashade 1st Oniba Ekun(Jafo Authority)on 1st February, 2023 to discuss possible ways to get residents in the Ojo axis to vote in one accord having same interest of candidate who could help with possible reformation as well as restructuring to enhance development in Ojo. 

The audience present at the meeting also comprised of some elder statesman in the Ojo axis, some chieftaincy title men and women, APC youths and some individuals who reside in the Ojo locality.

The meeting was also called to deliberate on ways out of electoral violence against tribalism, to call for unity amongst the people while imploring indigenes to vote in one basket. Oba Sulaiman in his speech also noted that , security is paramount and must be taken seriously, says all should vote for same purposes and in one voice, Our votes should speak for us, he said.

HRM Oba Sulaiman also stated that indigenes of Ojo should work as a family as he enables an open floor for interactive conversations and suggestions to all present. A strategy put in place in order to secure good votes by giving opinions while focusing on ways forward to deliver the Ojo zones in one voice and for one purpose leading to the next level.

The reason for the August meeting is as follows:

“The reason for this August meeting can be related to previous electoral outcome in Ojo. The ruling party in Lagos state has not won previous elections in the Ojo axis, the entire ojo and badagry division has not been delivering votes, and this is because there has not been a united front, a noticeable decline as seen in sub elections. Ojo residents should do better so as to attract  the present day Govt for infrastructural development. The roads in badagry was abandoned for 4 yrs, this is because we haven’t delivered votes for APC in our area.

We are clamoring for some noticeable vote, although subsequently, the govt has awarded the road linkage from trade fair to Ijegun ijeododo with over 7bn in allocation. So we should deliver enough votes to attract better development in the Ojo area, to whom much is given much is expected”.

Emotions have risen as to choice of candidate, since we have different tribes in this division let us try to deliver votes that will aid environmental development, as this is our area of residence. We do not want a tensed election, we pray for peace in our immediate environment. We seek for everyone’s support to attract good result in our environment to further promote our interest”.

An interactive section was opened to hear from the audience, Eze Okpoko gave his own suggestions, expresses concerns over issues in his domain that could stall the cooperation of the people in Ijegun ijeododo, obliged the Oba to address the baales as regards this obstruction.

Another elder statesman also mentioned the need to fix trust worthy persons in position to be answerable to his subordinates without greedy motives as to swindle what the area truly deserves…. He also taked about insecurity in the area as this could also stall the cooperation of the people.

Vice Chairman pentecostal churches in Ojo bishop present also raises his concerns, assures the Oba that APC will get votes from his region. Eze Chukwuemeka silvanus,says he and his cabinet has started working assiduously for APC and will continue to do so to deliver.

Ekuke supports APC, talks about the security measures, appeals to all to vote massively for APC, expresses his worries over insecurity, implores that Security measures should be taken seriously in iyana school.

An attendee noted that the issuance of voters card is also an issue of concern which could limit voters from voting. All should admonish injustice and misconceptions, let’s start afresh to make progress and do what is right from our hearts, ensure Security at the polling units, he said.

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Other attendees also talked about issues bothering on security and non compliance in creating a single interest and with one voice. A youth representative also talked about security issues which could give the present day govt in Lagos a bad name and non compliance during the election, these measures should be put in place in other to checkmate things and make it easy for people to trust the govt enough to get votes, he noted.

Oba Sulaiman promised to see to the concerns raised, assures the audience of a resolution and will do so before the elections.

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